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Iesaki Activejet ATH-531AN

Activejet ATH-531AN Activejet ATH-531AN
ActiveJet toner cartridges are high quality consumables for laser printers and copying machines. The solution provides an alternative for users, who want to make a significant cut in the copier or printer ownership costs.
Some ActiveJet toner products are manufactured using recycling technologies. The emptied cartridges are disassembled and assessed in detail with respect to their technical condition. The parts, which pass the disassembly check successfully, are then sent to the production line where full value toner cartridges are built. The cartridges pass detailed quality checks at each stage of their production. The process is under a constant and professional technical supervision. Finally, each cartridge manufactured passes an extremely restrictive print test. This procedure guarantees that the use of our cartridges ensures best quality printouts.
All our products are subject to the following quality guarantee:
- the number of pages of printout meets the one specified in the offer
- print quality no worse than the one of genuine cartridges
- guaranteed safety of printer use.
Our offer includes three toner versions: Standard (regenerated), Premium (regenerated with new OPC) and Supreme (brand new product).
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2800 lappuses
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