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Iesaki ADATA UC330, 64GB (AUC330-64G-RBK)

ADATA UC330, 64GB (AUC330-64G-RBK) ADATA UC330, 64GB (AUC330-64G-RBK) ADATA UC330, 64GB (AUC330-64G-RBK) ADATA UC330, 64GB (AUC330-64G-RBK) ADATA UC330, 64GB (AUC330-64G-RBK)
As you use the rocket-shaped UC330, its cap fits on either side of its dual-headed USB. When not in use, stand it up on its end for easy storage on your desktop like a rocket awaiting lift-off.
Dual Head Storage Keeps You Connected
The UC330’s On-the-Go microUSB interface connects directly to mobile devices running Android 4.1 or higher, all without the need for a cable or an adaptor. Its standard USB head connects to any desktop or laptop computer’s USB port.
Faster & More Convenient Than Wireless
When you need move large amounts of data to or from your phone, like video files or high-resolution images, wireless transfer can take too long. The UC330 eliminates the hassles of slow or patchy connections.
Less Expensive Way to Expand Mobile Device Storage
The UC330 gives plug-and-play functionality to tablets and smartphones without microSD ports at a lower price per GB than the extra built-in storage on a mobile device.
Ultra Small, Ultra Convenient
Its ultra-small and extremely portable design takes up minimal space when used on a desktop computer or mobile device.
On-the-Go Style
An integral strap hole makes it easy to carry your files with you on a lanyard, keychain, or necklace.
A stylish end cap design allows you to easily pull it out of phones & computers. Its rocket nozzle design lets the UC330 stand on your table for easily access when you need it.
64 GB
Interfeisa tips
USB 2.0/Micro-USB.
1,7 cm
3,1 cm
1,1 cm
3,6 g
Melna, Sudraba
Plug & Play
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