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Iesaki ADATA XPG V2.0 Titanium DDR3-1600 CL9 - 8 GB AX3U1600W4G9-DMV

ADATA XPG V2.0 Titanium DDR3-1600 CL9 - 8 GB AX3U1600W4G9-DMV ADATA XPG V2.0 Titanium DDR3-1600 CL9 - 8 GB AX3U1600W4G9-DMV
The new XPG V2 series are designed for 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors and the Z87 platform, and feature colorful and visually striking heat spreaders.
Top of the Line Performance.
DDR3 speeds up to 3100 MHz, with timings of CL 12-14-14-36 at 1.65V (XMP Profile 1), provide the muscle needed to run the most demanding games and software. The ADATA XPG V2 Series is comprised of an extruded heat sink with increased surface area, providing superior thermo-conductivity, efficiently reducing power consumption and greatly elevating signal completion. An industry-leading 2oz double-copper PCB increases module stability.
Eye-Catching Components.
The sharp design of XPG V2 brings out the best of your rig's appearance, without sacrificing the speed you demand. Designed with a futuristic form that will appeal to those who take pride in both the performance and the visual outlook of their high-end systems, this DRAM brings the best of both worlds to high-end gaming systems.
The Highest Standard for Stability and Efficiency.
ADATA XPG V2 memory products are made in conformation with JEDEC regulations and DDR3-1333 standards at CL value of 9-9-9-24 . Each XPG V2 memory chip is selected through a strict filtering process, complete with high-quality PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) and an aluminum heat sink that effectively lowers module temperature, proven to reach a maximum speed of 3100MHz at CL value 12-14-14-36 to make complete use of the computer’s power.
Advanced Heatsink Design for Better Cooling Efficiency.
Using Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT) and 2oz Copper 8-layer PCB, the specialized heat sink ensures outstanding stability even when systems are pushed to the limit.
Operatīvā atmiņa
8 GB
Iekšējās atmiņas tips
Atmiņas taktātrums
1600 MHz
Komponente paredzēta
Atmiņas veids
Memory layout (modules x size)
2 x 4 GB
CAS latentums
Atmiņas spriegums
1.65 V
Nebuferēta atmiņa
4,35 cm
13,3 cm
7,5 mm
42 g
Atmiņas kanālu atbalsts
SPD profile
Dzesēšanas tips
Fully buffered memory
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