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Iesaki Adler Triumph Adler oryginalny toner H2036, black, Triumph Adler TA 2015, 2016, 2018, 2216, 2416, 2616, 180g

Adler Triumph Adler oryginalny toner H2036, black, Triumph Adler TA 2015, 2016, 2018, 2216, 2416, 2616, 180g Adler Triumph Adler oryginalny toner H2036, black, Triumph Adler TA 2015, 2016, 2018, 2216, 2416, 2616, 180g
Hands-free phoning with brilliant sound quality and an integrated answering machine plus two additional handsets.Communicate in a truly convenient way with the Gigaset AS285 Trio thanks to hands-free talking, an integrated answering machine and two additional handsets. You’ll phone every time in brilliant sound quality using Gigaset’s innovative HSP™ technology. With a long talk time of up to 25 hours and stand-by time of up to 210 hours, enjoy nearly endless chats with your Gigaset AS285 Trio. Store up to 80 names and numbers in the integrated phonebook for effortless organization of those you call the most. In case you’re out or busy when the phone rings, the integrated answering machine dependably records your important messages. The phone also lists the last 25 missed calls with time and date to inform you about who tried to get in touch. And in case your phoning habits require more than three handsets, the Gigaset AS285 Trio can be expanded to up to four.
Designed for comfortable calls, the Gigaset AS285 Trio is perfect for those desiring the convenience of hands-free calls in brilliant sound quality while also seeking the advantages of an integrated answering machine and two additional handsets.
An answering machine for all your messages
The Gigaset AS285 Trio’s fully integrated answering machine records up to 12 minutes of your messages. Access the answering machine via the handset for even more flexible communication at home. If you’re looking for additional convenience, take advantage of the answering machine’s remote playback feature and keep track of what you need to know, no matter where you are.
High Sound Performance™ for brilliant sound quality
Innovative HSP™ technology allows you to catch every detail of your phone conversation – not only while holding the receiver, but also while talking hands-free. It’s simple to continue doing whatever you please around your home when phoning with your Gigaset AS285 Trio. Experience the excellent sound quality firsthand on all handsets, without hissing or distortion. It’s Gigaset’s excellent voice clarity and brilliant sound.
Long talk time for extended conversations
Staying in touch, arranging important meetings and appointments, or simply taking care of life’s little ups and downs. Whatever you use your phone for, you’ll love the seemingly endless conversations possible with the Gigaset AS285 Trio’s 25 hours of long talk time.
A phonebook for all your numbers
The integrated phonebook in the Gigaset AS285 Trio has enough room for all your most important names and numbers. Store up to 80 entries for instant access to the numbers of your closest friends and family. And with the illuminated keypad and black and white display on the Gigaset AS285 Trio as a guide, you’ll easily stay in touch – day or night.
Keep track of all your calls
Thanks to the CLIP² feature, the caller’s number immediately appears on your Gigaset AS285 Trio’s display, whenever the phone rings. What’s more, if you can’t rush to the phone, or simply are out, the phone keeps track of the last 25 missed calls – even the time and date.
Save energy with ECO DECT
The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset AS285 Trio consumes less electricity³, so it saves you money and is better for the environment. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it also variably reduces transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset AS285 Trio’s base station by 80%* simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, ECO Mode Plus** with its Zero Transmission Mode slashes the transmitting power by 100% when the handset is idle or charging. This way you can enjoy a more energy-efficient way of staying connected with your family and friends.
Make your life easier with hands-free phoning and brilliant sound quality: the Gigaset AS285 Trio stands for convenient communication with a long talk time, an integrated answering machine and the added bonus of two extra handsets.
Bezvada tālruņi
Integrēts automātiskais atbildētājs
Ierakstīšanas laiks
12 min
Maks. darbības rādiuss iekštelpās
50 m
Maks. darbības rādiuss ārpus telpām
300 m
Izgaismota tastatūra
Ar iebūvētu skaļruni
Polifonisks zvans
Vairāku klausuļu iespējas
VIP grupa ar savu melodiju
Izsaukuma reģistrēšana
Zvanīšanas līnijas identifikācijas prezentācija (CLIP)
Navigācijas taustiņš
Tālruņu grāmatas ietilpība
80 ieraksti
Atzvanīšanas saraksta ietilpība
Baterijas stāvokļa indikators
Displeja rindu skaits
Izgaismojuma krāsa
Displeja diagonāle
36.1 mm (1.42")
Display number of colours
Bezvadu savienojums
Plug & Play
Baterijas tips
Darbības laiks sarunu režīmā
25 h
Darbības laiks gaidīšanas režīmā
210 h
Bateriju skaits
Bāzes izmēri
126 x 55 x 126 mm
Klausules izmēri
49 x 30 x 148 mm
Mac saderība
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Meklēt Adler Triumph Adler oryginalny toner H2036, black, Triumph Adler TA 2015, 2016, 2018, 2216, 2416, 2616, 180g internetā: Google | Yandex
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