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Iesaki Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4 (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0)

Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0) Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0) Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0) Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0) Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0) Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0) Asus X99-E WS, X99, 2011-v3, DDR4  (90SB04Q0-M0EAY0)
Genuine 4-way x16 graphic power
- Quad Strength Graphic Power – 4-Way PCI-E Ge
3 x16 link supporting NVidia GeForce SLI and AMD CrossFireX on demand- Supreme Power Solution – Premium components deliver industry-leading power efficiency- 5-Way Optimization by Dual Intelligent Processors 5 – One click, total system optimization- Superb storage flexibility– onboard M.2 x4 and support for both ASUS PIKE II and ThunderboltEX II cards- Easy maintenance–ASUS Q-Code Logger, an easy-maintenance button and Dr. Power LED displays unusual power statuses
Quad Strength Graphic Power
The Intel X99 chipset-based workstation motherboard features on-demand NVIDIA® GeForce® SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™ technology, plus hassle-free troubleshooting features for minimized downtime.
Four PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots enable extreme graphics power
The X99-E WS can carry up to four dual-slot graphics. It supports 4-Way NVIDIA® Geforce® SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™ x 16 Link, making it an excellent choice for graphics professionals who depend on powerful graphics in areas such as design and modeling, medical research, plus processing-intensive simulation and rendering applications. In addition to graphics cards, extensive X99-E WS expandability offers ample room for RAID cards, PCI Express-based solid state storage drives, video capture cards, and other components.
Supreme Power SolutionsASUS X99-E WS couples innovative thinking with premium components to deliver industry-leading power efficiency.
Carefully engineered with Beat Thermal Chokes made of highly conductive and efficient gold-treated coating for minimal-loss power delivery and integrated Dr.MOS MOSFET that both saves space and reduces operating temperatures. For the latest workstation motherboard, ASUS introduce the industry's most durable 12K solid capacitors, and exclusive ASUS ProCool power connectors. X99-E WS is built to stay cool under pressure — and boosts performance, power efficiency and product longevity into extreme levels!
12K hour caps - Capacitors with World's Best Longevity
ASUS is the world's first motherboard manufacturer to introduce 12K solid capacitors, and X99-E WS is of course equipped. These Japanese-made capacitors are the most durable in the industry, able to endure up to 12K hours at 105 °C and 1.2M hours at 65 °C. This is far higher than the temperatures generated by everyday computing, so X99-E WS is built for endurance . Our 12k capacitors also boast lowered equivalent series resistance (ESR) for increased efficiency and minimized heat generation — improving overall performance!
Q-Code Logger – one-touch status checker
Q-code logger is your one-touch status checker that lets users easily check system status at any time. Plug a flash drive into adjacent USB port, press the motherboard's dedicated Q-Code logger button and all ASUS Q-Code event logs for the current live session will be copied to the drive even with the system off.
ASUS Dr. Power hassle-free power supply health monitoring
As the X99-E WS is meant for professional users who rely on non-stop operation, stable power delivery is critical. Real time power supply health detection helps prevent sudden system shutdown and provides hassle-free notifications should power delivery be insufficient. Additionally, LED messages on the board clearly indicate any relevant power issues in the event your system fails to boot.
Drive 8-core CPU and DDR4 performance beyond all expectations!ASUS Exclusive OC Socket
The X99-E WS' CPU socket includes extra pins that connect proprietary circuitry to extra contacts found on Haswell-E's land grid array (LGA). When combined with our customized UEFI, this exclusive feature offers comprehensively-improved overclocking margins, especially under extreme liquid-nitrogen (LN2) overclocking. You'll enjoy better margins for memory overclocking, better comparative memory performance under the same frequencies, and better margins for CPU overclocking with minimal voltage drop — so you're able to push the latest processors and DDR4 memory beyond their limits! OC Socket is 100% compatible with the new Haswell-E LGA 2011-3 processors. Forget limits, break every performance barrier with OC Socket!
Make your memory go faster
This is the first platform to support DDR4 memory, and it is capable of overclocking memory up to DDR4 3200+ MHz with all eight DIMMs fully loaded! ASUS-exclusive T-Topology circuit design plus patent-pending OC Socket unleash the full potential of DDR4 by minimizing crosstalk and signal reflections. Thanks to our expertise in motherboard layout design, signal timing issues are also greatly reduced, resulting in improved stability and overall performance. ASUS works with almost every DDR4 memory vendor to ensure the best compatibility – so you're assured reliable performance from your favorite brands.
One click overclock and cooling, done!Get performance, efficiency, digital power, fan control and even networking and audio tuning tailored for you
One click takes care of all that complex tuning. Your PC is smart with ASUS 5-Way Optimization. It dynamically optimizes essential aspects of your system based on real-time use – so you get superb CPU performance, everyday energy savings, ultra-stable digital power, cool and quiet fans and now even networking and audio settings that are tailored for the apps that you are using. In short, 5-Way Optimization ensures that your PC is perfect for gaming, entertainment, productivity or just about anything else!
- Games run swiftly and smoothly with highest performance, prioritized bandwidth and crystal-clear sound.- Fans stay whisper-quiet for everyday computing and ensure extreme cooling efficiency when gaming.- Never-stutter in professional apps and heavy loading.- Energy waste is reduced so you'll save money.
Atmiņas veids
Atmiņas kanālu atbalsts
Kopnes ātrums
2133,2400,2666,2800,3000,3200 MHz
Maksimālā iekšējā atmiņa
128 GB
Procesora ligzda
LGA 2011-v3
USB 2.0 savienotāji
Chassis intrusion connector
TPM savienotājs
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports
Skaļruņa/ austiņu/ līnijas izeja
Mikrofons, līnijas izeja
Komponente paredzēta
Mātes plates formas faktors
Atbalstītais procesoru skaits
Ethernet/LAN savienojums
Diskrēto videokaršu atbalsts
BIOS tips
BIOS atmiņas izmērs
128 MB
ACPI version
SATA 3 konektori
EPS power connector (8-pin)
Paralēlās apstrādes tehnoloģijas atbalsts
4-Way CrossFireX, 4-Way SLI
305 mm
26,7 cm
eSATA porti
Clear CMOS button
DIMM slotu skaits
Procesora ražotājs
Cietā diska interfeiss
Intel Xeon series
E5-1600, E5-2600
22 nm
PCI Express x16 (Gen 1.x) slots
IMPI LAN (RJ-45) port
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity
2, 10
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