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Iesaki Auerswald Domofon TFS-Dialog 201 (90634)

Auerswald Domofon TFS-Dialog 201 (90634) Auerswald Domofon TFS-Dialog 201 (90634)
If your PBX system has no TFE port but you want to use a door terminal, choose the TFS-Dialog 200. It is connected directly to one of your system's analog subscriber ports using a 2-wire cable, and it works almost like a telephone: at a push of the doorbell button, an (internal/external) number is automatically dialled.The housing fits into any local situation due to its slim construction. This makes a laborious in-wall installation obsolete. For the covering of possibly existing in-wall mounting boxes of former systems a bended cover plate is available which offers weather protection at the same time.
Exklusive by Auerswald: the a/b Switching ModulesAuerswald's a/b switch modules are made especially for TFS-Dialog 200. They can be connected any- where on the a/b line between the door entry and PBX systems, allowing you to use an existing doorbell or to switch on the stairway light.Up to six a/b switch modules per TFS-Dialog 200 can be used with only one 2-wire cable. Each button can be assigned to and control one or several switch modules. Without problems, the modules fit in any of the existing flush-mounting junction boxes.
The highlights of TFS-Dialog 200:Operation on an analog subscriber port of a PBX system made by Auerswald or other vendorsTelephone numbers and basic functions can be programmed via an extension telephoneTwo levels of sensitivity for noisy and quiet environmentsExcellent speech audibility, frequency-optimised amplifier electronicsIntegrated switching contact for door opener, doorbell or light (doorbell transformer required)Additional switching possibilities with a/b Switching ModulesModern slim-line housing with exclusive design andcompact construction with only 16 mm heightShatter-proof name plate covers with full-face, white background illumination with maintenance-free LED technology, without additional power supplyArtwork for the name plates letteringWeather protection covering available as optio

The weather protection cover for the door terminal systems TFS-Dialog 100 and 200 will be mounted behind the door terminal itself. It protects the terminal against direct effects of the weather like snow and rain. The used material is also natural anodized Aluminium (see picture on the right).In addition, the weather protection cover can be used to cover holes in the wall which are too big. With additional drill-holes you can cover e.g. an already existing flush-mount module support of an older door terminal like TFS-2616 and TFS-Dialog. In this case the weather protection cover can be screwed directly to the existing in-wall module.
360 g
104 x 153 x 16 mm
Darbības frekvence
0.02 - 0.05
Jaudas patēriņš
40 mA
Maksimālā darbības distance
200 m
Ar iebūvētu skaļruni
Datu aizsardzības īpašības
IP 20
DC-in prasības
16–60 V DC
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