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Iesaki B+W F-Pro 110 Graufilter ND 3,0 E 46

B+W F-Pro 110 Graufilter ND 3,0 E                      46
The B+W filter manufacturing company was founded in Berlin in 1947 by business partners Biermann and Weber. In 1985 the merger with the Jos. Schneider Optical Works in Bad Kreuznach expanded the B+W line of products with optical filters for science and technology. It also generated significant progress in multi-layer coating systems (MC). As a result, B+W became the first manufacturer of filters in the world to offer the innovative water- and dirt repelling MRC multi-layer coating process, which, in addition to its reflection-preventing qualities is also regarded as being especially scratch-resistant.
Filtra izmērs
46 mm
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