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Iesaki Bachmann Euro - GST18 2m (375.115)

Bachmann Euro - GST18 2m (375.115) Bachmann Euro - GST18 2m (375.115)
Cables fitted with Wieland GST18 plug-in connectors are available to connect Bachmann facility products to the mains power supply. The advantages of these cables and their connectors, which are used all over the world, are flexibility in terms of length, the possibility of exchanging them should length requirements change, and availability for a variety of countries. Even extending the power supply to other power strips presents no problem and can usually be done without tools.
- Colour black.- Length 2m.- Cable: H05VV-F 3G 1.5 mm².- End 1: right angle plug with earthing contact.- End 2: Wieland GST18i3 socket with 0.3 m.- 1.5 mm² green / yellow with M6 ring termination.- Pre-assembled power supply cables with integrated earth connection.- Earthing of the power strip is independent of the installation.- Ideal in combination with STEP power strips.- Table-mounted frames can be earthed independently of the power strip fitted in them.
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