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Iesaki Belkin VGA Kabel 5,0 m Verlängerung Pro Serie

Belkin VGA Kabel 5,0 m Verlängerung Pro Serie
Have you just upgraded to a larger monitor, and noticed ghosting images and slow data transmission? The Belkin Pro Series High Integrity Monitor Extension Cable will make the flow of data faster, and the resolution of your images crystal clear.The Pro Series High Integrity VGA/SVGA Monitor Extension Cable extends the length of your high-resolution multimedia monitor cable with a HDDB15 connector to your PC. Perfect for monitors with short cables.
Advantages • Constructed of 3 coaxial and 5 twisted pair cable to minimize cross talk, noise and other interference. • 3 coax conductors for the RGB signal, which maximizes color and imaging. • Designed to support high-resolution imaging and high speed. • Fully compatible with the PC.• Aluminum undermold shield helps meet FCC requirements on EMI/RFI interference. • Double shielding to ensure compliance with FCC requirements. • Gold plated copper contacts provide maximum conductivity with no data loss. • Molded strain relief and PVC overmolding ensures a lifetime of error-free data transmission
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