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Iesaki Belkin ShocWave Schutzhülle blau iPhone SE AirProtect F8W716btC04

Belkin ShocWave Schutzhülle blau iPhone SE AirProtect F8W716btC04 Belkin ShocWave Schutzhülle blau iPhone SE AirProtect F8W716btC04
INVISIBLE PROTECTIONThe Air Protect Clear Case is the full package when it comes to protection for your iPhone SE: durable, anti-scratch and impact-resistant, yet smooth, thin and practically invisible. The flexible, reinforced TPU material absorbs and disperses the shock of impact before it reaches the iPhone SE. Highly abrasion-resistant and specially treated to be unaffected by UV, it stays clear and won’t discolor. With a smooth, transparent finish that has been expertly color-matched to the iPhone SE, this form-fitting case protects the way your iPhone SE operates and preserves the way it looks.
SCRATCH PROTECTIONTested to withstand contact with sharp metal objects, alcohol, chemicals, sweat and solvents, the Air Protect Clear Case proves highly scratch and abrasion resistant, showing no visual markings, cracking or discoloration.
WRAPAROUND FRAME PROTECTS SCREENWhen you put the Clear Case on your iPhone SE, you'll notice that the edges of the case wrap around your phone ever so slightly. We designed the case this way so when you place your phone facedown on a flat surface, your screen is less likely to get scratched.
STAYS CLEARThe Air Protect Clear Case is made from a reinforced material combining the resilience of plastic and the shock-absorbing properties of rubber. Expertly color-matched to celebrate the color and finish of the iPhone SE, it is engineered for complete clarity and to resist UV–the primary cause of discoloration. It is also resistant to other environmental factors such as extreme temperatures and humidity to ensure long-lasting clarity.
FULL BUTTON PROTECTIONThe Air Protect Clear Case is designed to protect the buttons on the sides of your iPhone SE without losing the “push and click” experience. The ports and speakers also remain exposed, so that adjusting your volume, plugging in your headphones, and connecting your charging cable is fast and easy. With no reason to remove the case, your phone stays fully protected throughout.
IMPACT PROTECTIONThe Air Protect Clear Case has been subjected to extensive impact testing. Thanks to the unique molecular structure of the material, repeated impacts were successfully dispersed throughout the case, keeping the phone intact.
EASY TO PUT ON AND TAKE OFFThe flexibility of the material helps to avoid cracking, so it’s easy to take on and off, and change the look of your iPhone SE as often as you like.
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Zils, Caurspīdīgs
iPhone SE
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Somā, rokā, kabatā
Izturīgs pret skrāpējumiem, Triecienizturīgs, UV-resistant
Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
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