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Iesaki Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns

Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns Benq GC2870H 28" Full HD VA Spīdums Melns
Simple and Exquisite for Minimalist living
The GC2870H VA LED monitor brings viewing pleasure to everyday work and play with exquisite details on the exterior and striking visual performance delivered by wide color gamut, true 8-bit colot, 3000:1 high contrast ratio, 178°/178°wide-viewing angle, dual HDMI and Be
Q's eye-caring design, which consists of Be
Q‘s Flicker-free technology and Low Blue Light modes.n
Celebrating Minimalism at Its Finestn
Everyday Enjoyment for Leisure and Business
A perfect embodiment of The Bauhaus’ “less is more" minimalism design philosophy, the GC2870H is a delightful complement to almost any modern space. Every aspect of its form and feature is reduced to unify simplicity and functionality into pure aesthetics. On top of it all, users get to enjoy the sheerest visual pleasure and optimal eye comfort with Be
Q’s exclusive eye-caring technology. The GC2870H is not only a celebration of minimalist lifestyle and modern sleekness but also the gateway to everyday enjoyment for leisure and business.n
Designed Simply for the Ultimate Sophisticationn
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci
Exquisitely refined to complement your home and office, every detail of the GC2870H exemplifies the highest craftsmanship. The T-shaped base surface in the front is brushed with hairline treatment and adorned by a rectangular-shaped glossy black embellishment. The housing styled in black is fashioned with delicate patterns in the back to subtly catch the eye. With this classic minimalistic wonder, the GC2870H is everything you seek for the ultimate sophistication.n
Wide Color Gamut
The GC2870H's wide color gamut accentuates colors for true-to-life images. This monitor's 85% NTSC color gamut coverage well exceeds conventional 72% NTSC coverage rate for better color reproduction, particularly in the red, green, yellow, and magenta color spectrums. The expanded gamut produces more vivid pictures for all consumer and business applications, whether daily web-surfing, stimulating and immersive gaming, colorful photo viewing, or captivating video playback.n
Flicker-free Backlight for Visual Pleasure
The Flicker-free Technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and reduces eye fatigue effectively. Conventional LCD screens flicker at the rate of 200 times per second. Your eyes may not see the flickers but they can certainly feel them. So relieve your eyes from the uncomfortable flickering effect by switching to a Be
Q Flicker-free monitor.n
Visible Flickering
Place a fan before the monitor screen to check through the spinning fans for flickeringn
Visible Flickering
Use your camera to take a picture of the monitor screen to check for flickeringn
Better Eye Protection
With Low Blue Light Modes

Every Monitor produces a strain of blue spectrum light that is one of the critical causes of eye damage, eye strain, headaches and sleeping discorders. Be
Q's unique Low Blue Light technology is designed to deal with the everyday problem of blue light exposure and allows healthier time spent in front of your computer. Switch to one of the four preset Blue Light Modes (Multimedia - 30%, Web-browsing - 50%, Office - 60%, Reading - 70%;) and reward yours eyes without having to lose the visual enjoyment.n
3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio for Color Depth and Definition
An ultra-high native contrast of 3000:1, which is three times of that of general panels, adds astonishing color depth and definition to darkened, complex images with the greatest subtlety and clarity. With a native contrast ratio this high, you can expect an infinite dynamic contrast ratio that far exceeds your expectations.n
True 8-bit Color Performance
An 8-bit VA panel delivers smoother and more stable color transitions by rendering a total of 16.7 million color shades simultaneously. A 6-bit panel with Advanced Frame Rate Control (AFRC) requires interpolation to display the same number of colors as a true 8-bit panel does.n
178°/178° Wide-Viewing Angles
VA panels bring truly authentic colors and ultra sharp details from left, right, above and below to your eyes with a wide-viewing angle of 178°/178°. Viewing, as you know it, will never be the same.n
HDMI Multimedia Interface
The latest HDMI high-speed multimedia interface* makes these monitors incredibly convenient to use - now you can enjoy digital entertainment effortlessly even with additional multimedia equipment in the future.n
Win 10 Compatible
The GC2870H has passed Windows 10 certification and is fully compatible with Windows 10 color systems. Plug in the GC2870H monitor to your computer, and Windows 10 will recognize it instantly, making setup and connection effortless.n
ecoFACTS LabelnecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly Be
Q products are!
Development of eco-friendly products, Be
Q doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!necoFACTS declares Be
Q's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substance, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.n
Energy Star Qualified
The GC2870H complies with the requirement of ENERGY STAR® Program for computer Monitors, Version 6.0. Now you can enjoy saving energy and money as well as keeping the Earth lookin’ great!
Displeja diagonāle
711.2 mm (28")
Atbildes laiks
5 ms
Ekrāna spilgtums
300 cd/m²
Ekrāna izšķirtspēja
1920 x 1080 pikseļi
Ekrāna tips
Ekrāna izmērs pa diagonāli
71.12 cm
Kontrasta attiecība (dinamiskā)
Skata leņķis, horizontāli
Skata leņķis, vertikāli
Pikseļa iestatne
0,32 x 0,32 mm
Horizontālās izvērses diapazons
30 - 83 kHz
Vertikālais izvērses diapazons
50 - 75 Hz
Malu attiecība
Skata laukuma izmērs, horizontāli
62,1 cm
Skata laukuma izmērs, vertikāli
34,1 cm
HD tips
Full HD
VGA (D-Sub) pieslēgvietu skaits
DVI pieslēgvieta
Iebūvēti skaļruņi
Iebūvēta kamera
Kabeļa saslēga slots
Enerģijas patēriņš
38 W
Strāvas patēriņš (izsl.)
0.5 W
Energy Star sertificēts
EPEAT standarts
65,9 cm
5,42 cm
38,1 cm
5.5 kg
3D saderība
Atbalstītā displeja izšķirtspēja
1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Integrēts on/off slēdzis
Kontrasta attiecība (tipiskā)
HDMI pieslēgvietu skaits
Skaļruņa/ austiņu/ līnijas izeja
Ekrāna izvēlne (OSD)
OSD valodu skaits
Slīpuma leņķis
-5 - 15°
Strāvas patēriņš (PowerSave)
0.5 W
Ethernet/LAN savienojums
Platums (ar statīvu)
65,9 cm
Dziļums (ar statīvu)
20,4 cm
Slīpuma regulēšana
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
7.4 kg
Augstums (ar statīvu)
477 mm
Ekrāna virsma
Ekrāna izmēru attiecība
Color gamut
Aktīvais ekrāna laukums (W x H)
620,9 x 341,2 mm
VESA mounting
Built-in USB hub
Dynamic contrast ratio marketing name
Mega Contrast
Display number of colours
16.78 million colours
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