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Iesaki Caron Un Homme M 125ml

Caron Un Homme M 125ml Caron Un Homme M 125ml
Created in 1934, it was the first fragrance designed exclusively for men. Authentic, fresh and sensual, it is passed on from generation to generation.Accords: Lavender, vanilla, amber
Since its creation Pour Un Homme has held a special place in the history of perfumery. On its launch in 1934, It was offered as an extract and was the first fragrance created exclusively for men.
Every year since, the fragrance has continued to strengthen its success ensuring its position today as an established asset.
A unique experience, a fragrance of a lifetime, it is passed from one generation to the next and is a good example of a fragrance that has suited every man, and every era. Its scent has remained unchanged.
The juice is composed around a subtle, delicate lavender, on a simple, elegant accord which unveils a base of masculine, understated and sophisticated vanilla. Pour Un Homme is a charismatic fragrance that will never go out of fashion.
Authentic, fresh and sensual, its unique scent trail remains forever etched in the mind.
125 ml
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