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Рекомендовать Adapter HDMI(M)v1.4->2xHDMI(F)v1.4

Adapter HDMI(M)v1.4->2xHDMI(F)v1.4 Adapter HDMI(M)v1.4->2xHDMI(F)v1.4
This HDMI High Speed Ethernet splitter by Delock complies with the latest HDMI standard and combines fast data transfer as well as audio-/video- and internet connection. It splits the signals in order to connect e.g. a PC or DVD/Blu-ray drive to a monitor and TV. The output devices can be used at the same time or separately. Furthermore the HDMI-A male interface is compatible to its forerunners so that you can still use your previous devices. nn- HDMI High Speed with Ethernet (HEC).n- For connection of up to 2 devices.n- Supports single and dual operation.n- Supports a resolution of up to 4096 x 2160.n- Supports audio- and video signals, Network connection, 3D over HDMI.n- ARC (Audio Return Channel).n- Connector gold-plated.
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