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Iesaki Displex Protector Dla Sony Xperia Z2 2 szt. (00394)

Displex Protector Dla  Sony Xperia Z2 2 szt. (00394) Displex Protector Dla  Sony Xperia Z2 2 szt. (00394)
Award-winning invisible display protection"Made in Germany"The custom-fit premium protective films DISPLEX PROTECTOR Ultra-Clear ensure the best protection against scratches, optimum transparency and the highest colour fidelity.
Display protection as it should be: Invisible and effective!- 100% custom-fit protective films through precision laser-cut- Easy and fast application without bubbles by Easy-On® application aid- Extremely scratch-resistant high-tech material- Best transparency thanks to Ultra HD quality- Optimal touch and scroll features- Removed without residue and quickly- 10-year guarantee- Made in Germany
The premium screen guards DISPLEX PROTECTOR Ultra-Clear are of course available for smartphones, mini tablet-PC and tablet-PC.Are protection films really the same? Far from it. With high-tech precision laser technology and outstanding film quality, DISPLEX offers made-to-measure display protection of the upper class.
Easy-On® terminates the complicated application and unsatisfactory results. With the new mounting system of DISPLEX, the protective films can now mounted easily, accurately and free of bubbles.
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Noturība pret skrāpējumiem
Xperia Z2
Audums tīrīšanai
Viegli tīrāms
Iepakojuma platums
17,2 cm
Iepakojuma dziļums
10,8 cm
Iepakojuma augstums
3 mm
Displeja diagonāle
132.1 mm (5.2")
Skaits iepakojumā
2 pcs
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