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Iesaki EFB Patchcord, LC-LC, 50/125µ, OM3, 2m (O0312.2)

EFB Patchcord, LC-LC, 50/125µ, OM3, 2m  (O0312.2) EFB Patchcord, LC-LC, 50/125µ, OM3, 2m  (O0312.2)
Under the motto "We care for connection", the company EFB Elektronik with headquarters in Bielefeld has been developing, manufacturing and selling structured cabling in optic fibre and copper technology for over 25 years. EFB is an established solution provider for building infrastructure and, since 2004, a member of the International TKH Group, a Europe-wide corporate merger with a total turnover of over one billion euros. Thus, the EFB provides its customers both with the security of a large company and the flexibility of a medium-sized one in the implementation of infrastructure projects. The production in Germany and parts of Europe as well as the wide range of products combine high availability while price flexibility. Our brand, "Infralan", is known throughout Europe for data cables of excellent quality. Since 2006, EFB Elektronik has been also successfully selling IP cameras and planning extensive monitoring solutions.
EFB Elektronik
Strāvas vada garums
25 m
Gender type
Savienotājs 1
Savienotājs 2
Pilna dupleksa režīms
Core diameter
50 µm
Cladding diameter
125 µm
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