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Iesaki Elgato Game Capture HD60 PS4/XB3 (1GC109901001)

Elgato Game Capture HD60 PS4/XB3 (1GC109901001) Elgato Game Capture HD60 PS4/XB3 (1GC109901001) Elgato Game Capture HD60 PS4/XB3 (1GC109901001) Elgato Game Capture HD60 PS4/XB3 (1GC109901001) Elgato Game Capture HD60 PS4/XB3 (1GC109901001)
Your skills. Immortalized.
The gaming experience is all about sharing. Record and stream your Xbox or PlayStation gameplay and share your journey with friends, fans and generations to come.
Be next-gen.
You constantly push the limits, and so should the gaming gear that powers you. With superior H.264 hardware encoding, Elgato Game Capture HD60 raises the bar to a whole new level.Easily capture stunning 1080p with 60 fps, and enjoy incredibly smooth footage in easily manageable files. The next generation of gameplay sharing has finally arrived, and it's the perfect match for your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.
Be prepared.
When you're in the zone, you shouldn't have to worry about your capture. With Flashback Recording, Elgato Game Capture HD60 has your back - simply slide back in time on your PC or Mac and hit the record button retroactively.The lag-free passthrough to your TV will let you focus on your game, until you're ready to marvel at your feats. Re-living greatness has never been this easy.
Be live.
Nothing beats sharing your journey right when it happens. The built-in Live Streaming feature gets you up and running on Twitch, YouTube or Ustream in a snap, but it doesn't stop there.Now, Stream Command puts you in charge: easily add your webcam and overlays, and change your stream layout on-the-fly with scenes. Add your voice with the built-in Live Commentary feature, and you're all set for the big show.
Stream Command for Mac coming soon.
Be in control.
You've achieved epicness, and with Elgato Game Capture HD60, there is no limit to what you'll be able to do next. Seamlessly capture hours of your best moments in unmatched quality and access them directly right where you need them - you'll be instantly ready to create history.
You don't even have to choose between live streaming and high quality capture. No matter what resolution you stream, you can simultaneously capture full resolution 1080p, with separate tracks of all of your stream elements. Now, your stream archive is only the beginning.
Be you.
Elgato Game Capture HD60 was created with the next generation of gaming in mind. Designed to give you full control without getting in your way, so you can shape its legacy. Now more than ever, the gaming experience is all about sharing. Come be a part of it.
106 g
7,5 cm
1,9 cm
11,2 cm
Pievienoti kabeļi
HDMI pieslēgvietu skaits
USB 2.0
Capturing from
Game console
Video failu formāti
1080i, 1080p, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p

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