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Iesaki Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3))

Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) Enermax Thorex (ECA3321A-BT(2U3))
The midi tower Enermax Thorex is designed for entry-level gaming PCs. The tinted acrylic side window reveals eye-catching hardware inside the chassis. And the large mesh front with integrated dust filter improves the fresh air supply and air circulation in order to keep the system temperatures low. One 12cm rear fan with 3P connector is included ex works. The cooling system can be upgraded with three additional 12cm fans at the top (1x) and at the front (2x).
Thorex accommodates two 5.25” optical disk drives, three 3.5” hard disks and four 2.5” HDDs or SSDs. The side bracket of the upper 2.5” cage can be removed, so that you have the possibility to integrate longer graphics cards (max. 390mm length) and improve the fresh air supply from the front. Then, one 2.5” HDD/SSD can be moved to the bottom of the case.
Enermax equips the Thorex with extruded side panels, so that you have more room for a comfortable hidden cable management behind the mainboard tray and for strong tower CPU coolers with max. 173mm height. The midi tower supports ATX and micro-ATX (mATX/µATX) mainboards.
Thorex – Irresistible Gaming Midi TowerCompact Midi Tower with aggressive front panel for small gaming systems. Big mesh area for best possible air circulation.
Tinted Acrylic WindowTo attract envious eyes on high-end hardware and stylish systems.
Comfortable Cooling SystemOne 12cm rear fan included. Upgradable with three fans optionally: two 12cm front fans and one 12cm top fan.
Excellent Passive CoolingWide, air-permeable mesh front for optimal air circulation and an efficient fresh air supply. Integrated filter to protect the system from dust.
Multi-GPU SupportSix extension card slots allow for the installation of two or maximum three graphics cards.Removable upper 2.5” HDD/SSD cage clears the space for longer high-end graphics cards with up to 390mm length.
Supported Mainboard SizesThe Thorex supports ATX and micro-ATX (mATX/µATX) mainboards. Pre-assembled mainboard spacers for easy installation.
Data Storage Management & Interfaces
SSD ready!Three 2.5” trays inside the upper HDD/SSD cage. One 2.5” HDD/SSD can be installed in the bottom of the case inside the 3.5” HDD cage.
Ultra High-speed Data TransferTwo USB 3.0 interfaces on the front panel for a lightning-fast data transfer with up to 5 Gb/sec.
Easy Accessible Front Interfaces2x USB 3.0 and audio I/O
Installation, Cable Routing & Operation
Extruded Side PanelsMore space for high tower CPU coolers (max. 175mm) and for a comfortable hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray due to extruded side panel.
Optimal Dust ProtectionAnti-dust filter behind die front panel and at the bottom of the case.
Easy and User-friendly System InstallationThumb screws for side panels, cut-out for comfortable CPU cooler mounting and pre-assembled mainboard spacers.
Bottom-Mounted PSUComfortable cable routing and optimized cooling performance thanks to bottom-mounted power supply. With anti-vibration rubber pads and cleanable dust filter at the bottom of the case.
Atbalstāmie mātesplates formas faktori
ATX, Micro-ATX
Side window
Barošanas bloks iekļauts
Audio ieeja
Audio izeja
Supported hard disk drive sizes
LED indikatori
HDD, Power
20,3 cm
45,3 cm
44 cm
3.3 kg
Iepakojuma platums
22,7 cm
Iepakojuma dziļums
48,9 cm
Iepakojuma augstums
49,9 сm
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
4,16 kg
Number of 5.25\" bays
3.5\" sektoru skaits
Maximum front fans
Front fans diameters supported
120 mm
Rear fans installed
1x 120 mm
Iebūvēti skaļruņi
Top fans diameters supported
120 mm
Integrēts karšu lasītājs
Number of 2.5" bays
Atiestates poga
Power supply location
Maximum top fans
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity
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