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Iesaki Goodram Play DDR3 8GB

Goodram Play DDR3 8GB Goodram Play DDR3 8GB
GOODRAM Play memory modules were designed for gamers. The modules are built from selected chips assembled on 6-layer PCB. Everything is encapsulated under impressive radiators dissipating excess of heat.n
Let’s Play!n
The available capacities of GOODRAM Play modules range from 2 to 8 GB. The memory modules are available in single, dual and triple channel configuration with the speed of 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz. Thanks to a wide choice of available modules, Play series fulfils expectations of such users as gamers or modding enthusiasts looking for high system efficiency and stability.n
Radiators for improved heat dissipationn
Efficiency operating memory modules can become overheated. That is why GOODRAM Play modules are equipped with impressive radiators dissipating excess of accumulated heat ensuring more stable memory operation. Black, silver, red and blue radiators are available.n
Quality of GOODRAM memory modulesn
In order to ensure the top quality of GOODRAM memory modules, we cooperate only with the best component suppliers, and at the production stage we apply selected chips from recognized world’s brands.n
Factory testsn
Thanks to multistage quality control and thorough testing of each memory produced under GOODRAM brand, we are sure that the memory modules reaching our clients are very reliable and characterized by top quality.n
Lifetime guaranteen
We make every effort to ensure compliance of each memory modules reaching the end of our production line with the strictest quality standards, which is confirmed by lifetime guarantee for all GOODRAM brand memory modules.
Operatīvā atmiņa
8 GB
Iekšējās atmiņas tips
Atmiņas taktātrums
1866 MHz
Komponente paredzēta
Atmiņas veids
Memory layout (modules x size)
1 x 8 GB
CAS latentums
Atmiņas spriegums
1.5 V
Svina platējums
Moduļa konfigurācija
512M x 8
13,3 cm
1.27 mm
3 cm
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