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Iesaki Hahnel 1000 708.3 camera kit

Hahnel 1000 708.3 camera kit Hahnel 1000 708.3 camera kit
There are accessories available that help you to expand the functionality of the Captur device.n
The first of these is the Module - Timer.
This accessory for the Captur will give you endless photographic opportunities & is ideal for time lapse & long exposure photography.nn- Fully programmable timed sequence of delay timer, interval timer, exposure count & exposure length setting.n- Connect wirelessly to the camera using the Captur (sold separately).n- High-tech, reliable wireless 2.4GHz transmission up to 100M.n- DCM - Digital Channel Matching.n- Powered by AA batteries.n- Connect wirelessly to camera using the ‘Captur’ (sold separately).
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