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Iesaki Hama ND 2-400 Vario 67 Graufilter 79167

Hama ND 2-400 Vario           67 Graufilter                 79167
- Variable neutral-density filter ND2-400;- To reduce light in case that it is too bright;- With rotating front lens;- Exposure correction between +1 and +8 stop values possible.
One neutral-density filter for several fields of application:- Allows the photographer to use large apertures while taking pictures outside = backround gets hazy;- In case of exposure times longer than 1/30 seconds, water "flows", if they are shorter, it freezes to ice.
Consumer Advice:To avoid vignetting, this filter has a superstructure of the front lens, i.e. the diameter of the front lens is larger than that of the rear lens. Please note that a lens cap with 72 mm is thus required.
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67 mm
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