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Iesaki Hama CD Wallet Slim 24 CD Czerwony Gumka (95669)

Hama CD Wallet Slim 24 CD Czerwony Gumka (95669) Hama CD Wallet Slim 24 CD Czerwony Gumka (95669) Hama CD Wallet Slim 24 CD Czerwony Gumka (95669)
Tame your Towers
For music and movie lovers, over time it is easy to amass a growing selection of CDs and DVDs which can accumulate into towering, unsightly stacks left in various rooms of the house, and can leave your precious music/movie collection exposed to the elements and to potential damage, especially if cases are lost or broken.
Save Space and Time with Hama
This carefully designed, attractive "Up to Fashion" CD/DVD Nylon Wallet in stylish red (also available in violet and beige) from Hama, allows you to organise and store your CD/DVD collection with a highly space saving design that can quickly and easily be slotted into any cabinet or bookshelf or be easily transported being small and compact in size.
Perfect Practicality
Designed from high-quality nylon material, the internal antistatic sleeves will prevent scratching, and marking of the discs by grime, fingerprints and dust that may otherwise cause irreversible damage.Holding up to 24 CDs/DVDs, its practical shape means that it can also easily be transported around so you can enjoy your music and movies anywhere you go and you are not left searching through piles and piles of jumbled CDs/DVDs.
Optiskā diska diametrs
120 mm
CD ietilpība
24 diski

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