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Iesaki HAMA Safety Car Inverter 150 W 89299

HAMA Safety Car Inverter  150 W 89299 HAMA Safety Car Inverter  150 W 89299
- Practical inverter for the operation of device with 230V~ mains operated for carsn- Leakage currentn- Circuit breaker, thus it provides highest security for the users!n- Adequate for the most notebook mains operated, multimedia-, audio- andvideo devicen- Robust, silver coloured metal bodyn-230V-connection via socket with earth contact and protective conductorn- Connection at the cigarette lighter in the carn- Input voltage 10-15V=(DC)n- Output voltage 230V/50Hz ~ (AC, modificated sinus)n- Continuance power output: 150Wn- Top power output: 375Wn- Overload- and undervoltage protectionn- Short circuit protectionn- Reverse battery protectionn- Cutoff on overheating (thermical overload up approx. 60°C)n- Cutout: 20An- Operation by enviroment tempurature up -15 to +50°Cn- Soft-start circuit
Izejas spriegums
230 V
Ieejas frekvence
Izejas jauda
375 W
Izejas strāva
20 A
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