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Iesaki Hewlett-Packard zestaw rolek do HP Color LaserJet CP6015 (CB459A)

Hewlett-Packard zestaw rolek do HP Color LaserJet CP6015 (CB459A) Hewlett-Packard zestaw rolek do HP Color LaserJet CP6015 (CB459A)
Get fast, brilliant results with enhanced HP ColorSphere toner. With reliable, consistent performance from everyday documents to marketing materials, and time-saving supplies management features, using Original HP printing supplies means high productivity.
DescriptionEveryone can be more productive with the fast, easy, trouble-free performance of Original HP printing supplies. The printing system is tuned to the unique properties of enhanced HP ColorSphere toner so you get brilliant color and reliable, consistent performance from everyday documents to marketing materials. Take advantage of built-in cartridge intelligence that enables time-saving supplies management features to reduce administrative time and increase end-user satisfaction.
Designed to meet a wide range of needs. Enhanced ColorSphere toner achieves consistent, high-gloss to produce a dynamic range of bright, brilliant color. From effective everyday business documents to professional marketing pieces, the results are brilliant.
The technology innovation is plain to see. HP ColorSphere toner, designed to produce high gloss, enables a dynamic range of bright colors. By carefully controlling the toner formulation, toner fuses to the paper more completely, achieving uniform gloss and consistency as colors transition from one to another across the page. See bold graphics and realistic images. And produce everything from everyday documents to professional marketing pieces with confidence. With a wide range of colors, it's possible to produce subtle flesh tones, striking shadow detail and smooth gradations. Optimized for the HP Color LaserJet CP6015 Printer series and CM6040 MFP, HP ColorSphere toner is consistent in size and shape and includes enhanced surface additives that enable tight charge control, allowing the toner to be placed on the page with precision. The result? Realistic photo-quality images and consistently outstanding results for all your business documents. HP offers a full line of papers in a variety of sizes, finishes and weights. From the jam-free performance of HP Everyday Paper to the professional quality achieved with Original HP brochure, flyer, postcard and newsletter papers, you can count on Original HP papers that are designed together with the printer and HP ColorSphere toner to work better together.
Reliable printing drives office productivity. ColorSphere toner & intelligence built into the Original HP cartridge enable fast, high-quality, reliable printing. Trouble-free printing can save time, increase productivity & lower your overall costs of printing.
Documents come off the printer quickly without sacrificing quality. HP ColorSphere toner conforms to an extremely uniform size and shape and enhanced surface additives enable faster charging. Both characteristics allow the printing system to achieve precise placement of toner on the page, at fast print speeds and over the entire life of the cartridge. Count on the precision and consistency of HP ColorShere toner for top quality at fast speeds. Accurate, repeatable results. Each HP Color LaserJet toner cartridge uses a toner formulation optimized for the printer. Enhanced additives are key to ensuring consistent output quality throughout the life of the cartridge and are designed to maintain charge control for reliable performance across environmental conditions. All fine-tuned so that HP toner performs consistently throughout the life of the cartridge designed for high-volume printing environments, and from one cartridge to the next. To provide consistent results, intelligence built into Original HP Color LaserJet toner cartridges communicates with the printer, enabling adjustments that optimize print quality and reliability. And to deliver reliable performance, Original HP toner cartridges are rigorously tested with a variety of papers, and under different environmental conditions, to ensure consistent print quality.
Keep the office running smoothly with manageability features enabled by Original HP toner cartridges. Intelligence built-into the cartridge communicates with the printer to track usage and provide alerts, so it's easy to keep supplies on hand.
Interactive intelligence, built-into Original HP Color LaserJet toner cartridges, communicates with the printer enabling the printing system to provide time-saving information. Track usage, receive alerts and use approximate pages remaining to determine if a print job will be completed. These HP innovations enable proactive and remote print management, reducing administrative time and increasing end-user satisfaction. Intelligent technology built-into Original HP toner cartridges is used by HP Web Jetadmin to provide a host of time-saving supplies management features. Monitor and analyze supplies usage information. Collect, store and display ongoing printer usage information across a group of printers and consolidate order information. Take advantage of these features, enabled by Original HP cartridges, to save administrative time and keep your office printing running smoothly. HP is committed to delivering value. In independent testing comparing Original HP to remanufactured toner cartridges, Original HP Color LaserJet toner cartridges produced 25-percent more client-ready documents than remanufactured cartridges.[1] In addition, HP Color LaserJet cartridges are now tested using the internationally-recognized ISO 19798 industry standard measurement for toner cartridge yield. Use Original HP and get what you expect out of every car
Lappušu apjoms
150000 lappuses
Drukāšanas tehnoloģija
495 x 235 x 165 mm
Iepakojuma izmēri
495.05 x 235.97 x 165.1 mm
600 g
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
1.2 kg
Darbības relatīvā mitruma amplitūda
20 - 80%
Uzglabāšanas relatīvā mitruma amplitūda
10 - 90%
Iepakojuma izmēri mm(\")
495 x 236 x 165,1 mm (19.5 x 9.29 x 6.5")
Iepakojuma svars
Darbības temperatūras amplitūda (T-T)
62.6 - 77 °F

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