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Iesaki Integral DDR3-1333 2GB CL9 (IN3T2GNZBIX)

Integral DDR3-1333 2GB CL9 (IN3T2GNZBIX) Integral DDR3-1333 2GB CL9 (IN3T2GNZBIX)
Upgrading the memory in your desktop PC is one the most cost effective ways to boost performance. Memory upgrades are quick and easy to install. Adding extra memory ensures that the operating system and applications run faster and smoother and is essential for applications such as gaming, HD video and image editing, graphic design, multi-tasking and manipulating large amounts of data. Upgrading is also an easy way of extending the life of your system.
DDR3 DRAM memory upgrade modules from INTEGRAL have been designed to perform.
- Integral DRAM memory upgrade modules are built with high quality components and are fully tested to ensure reliability and compatibility.- Delivered in anti-static packaging - to ensure our memory reaches you in perfect condition.- Due to increased productivity and reduced frustration - memory upgrades have a very fast payback.
Operatīvā atmiņa
2 GB
Iekšējās atmiņas tips
Atmiņas taktātrums
1333 MHz
Atmiņas veids
Memory layout (modules x size)
1 x 2 GB
CAS latentums
Atmiņas spriegums
1.5 V
Moduļa konfigurācija
256M x 8
Nebuferēta atmiņa
Iepakojuma tips
13,3 cm
3 cm
Pārbaudes platums
64 bit
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