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Iesaki Lastolite Falt-Graukarte 18 % 30cm/14cm Ezybalance

Lastolite Falt-Graukarte 18 % 30cm/14cm Ezybalance
-Colour correction pre and post capture.-Exposure control pre and post capture.-Accurate colour rendition.-Collapsible, durable, and cleanable.-Double sided grey and white.-Unique focusing site.-For use with digital or film photography.
The EzyBalance ‘point and shoot’ allows you to concentrate on the important part of photography, composition and ‘capturing the moment’. This handy double sided ‘pop up’ 18% grey/white card simplifies the complex technical issues surrounding exposure and colour correction when working in different lighting conditions. This provides a major benefit when working under pressure at events such as weddings or fashion shows. A waterproof version is also available for Scuba Divers.
White Balancing the CameraThe Ezybalance, XpoBalance and Tribalance all feature a unique focusing target to enable the camera to focus on the card and take the necessary readings for an accurate white balance setting. Many cameras struggle to actually focus on a plain white or grey area.
Post Capture - Exposure and Colour BalancingThe EzyBalance, XpoBalance and TriBalance can also be used as an accurate reference point for post capture manipulation in Adobe Photoshop® (and other software packages). All you need to do is take the first shot with the card in the photograph each time you shoot in a different lighting situation.
Melna, Pelēka
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