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Iesaki Longshine 12-portowy konwerter portów (LCS-C819)

Longshine 12-portowy konwerter portów (LCS-C819) Longshine 12-portowy konwerter portów (LCS-C819)
Introducing the latest addition to our media converter product line - the LCS-C819 19" rack-mount 12-slot converter chassis. This chassis offers the user a dedicated and secure environment for multiple media conversion applications. It also allows the uses of existing and new media converters in the rack-mounted installation. Flexibility - the chassis supports up to 12 standalone media converter modules covering protocols of 10Base-2, 10Base-T, 10Base-FL, 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX, ATM, Gigabit, RS-232/422/485, T1/E1, and Video conversion. In addition, both multi-mode and single mode options are supported. Reliability - the LCS-C819 also comes with two high quality hot swappable power supplies. Either power unit can be removed without disturbing the chassis' operation - offering total efficiency, maximum redundancy and minimum down time. Each module is supplied from a common shared power bus - but as an added precaution, each is individually protected in the event of a problem on the bus or from the power supply. Each converter can be removed or loaded without powering down. Functional - the chassis was carefully designed to offer a lifetime of operation. Incorporated in the chassis are three long-life cooling fans to ensure a cool operating environment. Each fan is monitored and connected to the LED status panel. The chassis also features an LED status panel. This indicates that power is supplied to each module and that the fans are functioning correctly. The power supply also features a "trigger guard" to prevent the unit from being accidentally switched off. Additional Features: The LCS-C819 features two high quality 75Watt power supplies configured as load sharing which reduces the loading on each supply. This allows for redundancy in the unlikely event that a power supply should fail. Also, in addition to the PS providing their own protection, we have employed protection circuitry on the power bus which effectively isolates each slot from the other. At all times the individual supply to each slot is monitored – if it falls out of parameter, the LED status panel will indicate so. As the LCS-C819 is designed for everyday applications as well as mission critical requirements. It is installed with three fans. Each fan provides a high volume air flow with very little noise thanks to the ball-bearing rotor mounts. Each fan is monitored on the status panel that ensures a constant cool operating environment. Applications: The LCS-C819 can accommodate a wide variety of our existing and future media converters - please contact us for details regarding these products.
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