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Iesaki MediaRange Blu-ray BD-R, 4x, 25GB, do druku, 10 sztuk (MR496)

MediaRange Blu-ray BD-R, 4x,  25GB, do druku, 10 sztuk (MR496) MediaRange Blu-ray BD-R, 4x,  25GB, do druku, 10 sztuk (MR496)
The advent of Blu-ray technology has led to the introduction of high capacity storage discs to meet the demand cause by the rapid growth of high definition television (HDTV). Blu-ray discs get their name from blue laser technology. The shorter wavelength of the laser is the reason it is blue in colour. The blue laser has a wavelength of 405nm compared with the wavelength of 650nm for DVD which utilises red laser technology. The benefit of having a blue laser with a shorter wavelength means it is possible to write smaller data pits and therefore vastly increase the amount of data on the disc. Blu-ray discs offere 3 to 5 times the storage capacity of a standard recordable DVD disc, enabling the recording, rewriting and playback of high definition video (HD). The fullsurface printable version allows you to individualize your CD as you wish with customized imprints.
Features- 25GB- 4x- High Capacity - 25GB- Fullsurface printable media for use with special inkjet printers- High quality inkjet printable surface- Entire surface is printable- Quick drying disc surface- Laser Wavelength: 405nm- Hard Coat protective layer- Extremely long archival life- Excellent playback performance
Principal uses- Storage of high-resolution-films in HD-quality!- Storage of music, video and data- Storage of large data volumes and their retrieval- High storage density- Transfer from videos and larger data files- Ideal for longterm data archiving- For use with multimedia presentations
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25 GB
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