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Iesaki Meliconi GUMBODY PRATICO2 2in1 (807170)

Meliconi GUMBODY PRATICO2 2in1 (807170) Meliconi GUMBODY PRATICO2 2in1 (807170)
Pratico 2It replaces and combines up to 2 remote controls, 1 for the TV and 1 for the tuner (digital terrestrial or satellite). It can be updated via the Internet through a special Meliconi audio cable, purchased separately.
Features:-(CRT, LCD, Plasma, LED), digital terrestrial decoder, satellite decoders, SKY, SKY HD, MySky, MySky HD- Pre-programmed universal remote control, perfect to replace and combine up to 2 remote controls to be selected among: TV and Turner (Digital Terrestrial Tuner, Satellite Tuner - including SKY, SKY HD, MySKY, MySKY HD)- It incorporates all the main functions of original remote controls.- Compatible with nearly all the brands and models thanks to one of the largest databanks on the market.- Updates available via the Internet (using an Audio cable, purchased separately) for use with the most recent devices and future ones: your remote control will never become obsolete!- Thanks to the online guide constantly updated with almost all the models in circulation it is even easier and faster to program the remote control, and now the programming codes can also be retrieved via SMS- Direct access to Menu, back, Exit, Guide, A/D, List and TV/RADIO functions- Indicator light for confirming and controlling the signal transmission.- High-power, wide-angle I.R emission diode.- Low battery light indicator.- An installed permanent memory ensures that the code and second functions are never lost during battery replacement.- Possibility to display the programmed code- A mechanical protection prevents incorrect battery insertion.- Call Center for support and information.
IR Wireless
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DVD/Blu-ray, Spēļu konsole, Televīzija
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press buttons
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