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Iesaki MicroOptics 1000BASE-LX - MO-C-S311213CL20

MicroOptics 1000BASE-LX - MO-C-S311213CL20 MicroOptics 1000BASE-LX - MO-C-S311213CL20
EET has expanded the offerings to support a wide range of optical transceivers ranging from GBIC to XFP. All of the products comply with MSA and environmental standards.Why 3rd party transceivers?OEM´s such as HP, Cisco, 3Com (HP) and many others don´t make any transceivers themselves but relabel standard products and add huge margins. We have decided to give our customers a choice. Buy original or save up to 60 % and get high quality products with:- 100% Compatability.- Availability from our extensive stock.- High Quality - all products are tested.- Huge savings on quality alternatives to “originals”.
Buying MicroOptics Transceivers from EET Nordic does not mean your equipment warranty is void. This 100% Cisco compatible 1000 BASE LH/LX SFP transceiver is hot - swappable and designed to plug directly into your SFP/GBIC interface slot in your router and switch for Ethernet & Fibre Channel network interface applications.
Datu pārsūtīšanas ātrums (max)
1250 Mbit/s
Viļņa garums
1310 nm
Maksimālais pārskaitījums attālums
10000 m
Kabeļa tips
FFiber optic connector
SFP transceiver type
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