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Iesaki MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, X99, QuadDDR4-2133, SATA3, SATA Express, USB 3.1, ATX (7883-003R)

MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, X99, QuadDDR4-2133, SATA3, SATA Express, USB 3.1, ATX (7883-003R) MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, X99, QuadDDR4-2133, SATA3, SATA Express, USB 3.1, ATX (7883-003R) MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, X99, QuadDDR4-2133, SATA3, SATA Express, USB 3.1, ATX (7883-003R) MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, X99, QuadDDR4-2133, SATA3, SATA Express, USB 3.1, ATX (7883-003R) MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, X99, QuadDDR4-2133, SATA3, SATA Express, USB 3.1, ATX (7883-003R)
- Supports New Intel® Core™ i7 processors Extreme Edition in LGA 2011-3 socket- Supports Quad Channel DDR4-3400+(OC) Memory- Mystic Light: Style your favorite color from now on- 2X Faster USB 3.1: Delivering speeds up to 10Gb/s, USB 3.1 offers performance twice as fast as a regular USB 3.0 connection.- DoubleShot-X3 PRO: Use Killer DoubleShot-X3 Pro to combine Killer WIFI with two Killer LANs for the best online gaming experience- Turbo U.2 SSD Solution: Take advantage from the whole new storage solution up to 2.4GB/s read speed- Turbo M.2 : Delivering next generation M.2 Ge
3 x4 performance with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s- SATA Express + USB 3.1 + SATA 6Gb/s- Multi-GPU: 4-Way NVIDIA SLI & AMD CrossFire Support- OC Engine: Reach higher overclocking results with more flexible BCLK adjustments at 100/125/167MHz.- Audio Boost 3 PRO: Hear the sound from the heaven with 6.3mm audio jack and ESS audio DAC- USB Audio Power: Serve Stable 5V Power & Better Signal Transmission over USB- XSplit Gamecaster: Show off you skills to the world with a 1 year premium license for this popular streaming software- Guard-Pro: Improved Protection and Power Efficiency- OC Genie 4: Overclock in 1 Second- Gaming App: Boost your framerate- Click BIOS 4: Easily Fine-tune Your System- Nahimic Audio Enhacer: Enjoy sound that pushes the limits of reality.- Gaming Device Port: Optimized with Triple Gold-plating for High Polling Rate Gaming Devices
CARBON MEETS GODLIKECarbon-fiber-reinforced polymer is used extensively the world of car racing and aerospace technology, where lightweight & strength is most important. The CARBON motherboards black scheme combines great looks with sophistication that is sure to make your pc stand out in looks and performance.
Unmatched Memory Performance and StabilityWith traditional memory design the memory signals are often distorted by electromagnetic signals from other components, making the system perform slower or become unstable. MSI introduces DDR4 Boost technology with optimized traces and fully isolated memory circuitry. This design ensures the memory signals stay pure for optimal performance and stability.Steel Armor technology is now also available for DDR4 Boost, offering better EMI-shielding and even better signal strength, for optimal memory performance.
Mystic LightCustomize and set up your own color scheme with Mystic Light. Make your build look on fire or cold as ice. You are in control. You can select any of the colors from the palette to match your systems’ design. Tired of always the same color? Just change it to another one using the easy to use Mystic Light APP available on PC, phone and tablet, and make your PC look & feel brand new!
GODLIKE DESIGN WITH HEAVY PLATED ARMORThe MSI® X99 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard is designed to provide gamers with best-in-class features and technology. To cool, protect and highlight these features, heavy plated armor is used. Stunning looks, backed by the MSI Dragon, the X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard is an engineering masterpiece tailored to gaming perfection.
DRAGON COVERThe Dragon cover doesn't just look cool with its GODLIKE branding, it also protects I/O devices against Electro Magnetic Interference, ensuring pure signals.
Enhanced HEATPIPESDesigned to withstand anything, the heatsinks found on this motherboard truly represent style & performance.
EXTENDED DRAGON ARMORThis awesome looking protective shield helps to keep the audio signal pure, preventing interference from other components.
KILLER™ DOUBLE SHOT-X3 PROKiller™ DoubleShot-X3 Pro allows the 2x Killer™ Ethernet connectors and the Killer™ Wi-Fi adapter to work together for the ultimate high speed attack. The Killer Network Manager decides which apps runs on which connection for gaming traffic optimization. This will give you the max throughput as high as 2.867 Gbps.
Killer™ WIRELESS AC 1535 with ExtremeRANGE™Killer™ Wireless-AC 1535 with ExtremeRange™ Technology delivers industry-leading speed, intelligence and control for PCs. Killer’s Lag and Latency Reductio
TM Technology combined with Killer’s ExtremeRange™ Technology revolutionizes the user experience by driving better throughput, lower latencies, and longer WiFi ranges. Play your game, stream your game, and enjoy your HD video – all at the same time and uninterrupted.Benefits- Lag and Latency Reduction™- ExtremeRange™ Technology- Cutting edge 11AC performance- Bluetooth 4.1- Advanced Stream Detection™- Visual Bandwidth control™
TRUE GAMING LAN WITH DUAL KILLER™Designed with gaming DNA, Killer™ LAN is optimized for championship level online and LAN eSports. This GAMING motherboard features 2 Killer™ dedicated gaming network ports.The Killer E2400 Intelligent Networking Platform, featuring Advanced Stream Detect, is built for maximum networking performance for online games and high-quality streaming media. Killer™ LAN automatically detects and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic for smoother, stutterfree in-game performance and the competitive edge.
GAMING OPTIMIZED BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENTBuilt for a superior online gaming experience with optimized traffic prioritization and low latency, Killer™ Network Manager with Advanced Stream Detect™ automatically classifies and prioritizes the latency-sensitive applications for online games.The Killer Network Manager- Automatically prioritizes games above other appplications- Allows you to change applications’ traffic priority- Allows you to customize bandwidth for each applicatio

WITH NAHIMIC, ENJOY SOUND THAT PUSHES THE LIMITS OF REALITY .Nahimic sound technology has been approved for its quality and precision in projects undertaken by the military field and the aeronautics industry. It offers immersive virtual 7.1 sound in high definition using exclusive stereo equipment.Nahimic lifts your gaming experience to a new level, offering you highly sought-after gaming benefits:
USB Audio PowerMost motherboards will be unable to deliver a strong 5V power signal to all USB ports at the same time, highly affecting audio output quality. Only MSI USB Audio Power continuously delivers a stable 5V to the USB ports, making sure you can continue to enjoy the crystal clear audio standard you expect.
OC GENIE 4OC Genie is the world's first built-in hardware overclocking technology on motherboards. With this one-second overclocking option we're giving you even more performance. Just hit the button and your PC gets another adrenalin shot. Delivering up to 20% of free extra performance for the CPU and memory.
Transferring your favorite games, music and movies over USB has never been faster. USB 3.1 Ge
2 enables lightning fast transfer speeds up to 10Gb/s!Benefits- 2X faster than USB 3.1 Ge
1- 20X faster than USB 2.0- Up to 10Gbps data transfer bandwidth- Boost transfer rate for your PC and peripherals
DESIGNED FOR OVERCLOCKINGWith a rich history of breaking world records inherited from MSI’s legendary Overclocking motherboards, this motherboard has OC running through its veins. Built from the ground up with a goal to support heavy overclocking, from it’s OC PCB to Military Class components, you know this MSI motherboard is ready to push to the limit!
OC PCBThis MSI motherboard features 50% more PCB layers. This to remove interference and deliver the most stable signals with improved efficiency, even in the most extreme overclocking conditions:- increased number of PCB layers- Increased humidity resistance- Tight weave Fiberglass PCB- Increased ESD protectio

DIGITALL POWER PWMDigitALL Power digitally steers and receives feedback through a DigitALL PWM controller. This allows for pinpoint voltage delivery and lower power consumption.
INCREASED NUMBER OF POWER PHASESWith a large number of premium power phases to support heavy overclocking with highly increased voltages, you are sure your system remains stable under the most extreme circumstances.
OVERCURRENT PROTECTIONPushed your overclocking endeavors too far? No worries, the Overcurrent Protection featured on this motherboard ensures you won’t damage it, so you can easily start again where you left off.
OC THERMAL DESIGNOC Thermal Design was developed to deliver the highest cooling potential in even the most extreme conditions. It’s optimized to work in low-airflow situations, making it the ideal cooling to use with your water cooling setup.- Premium materials- Optimized for overclocking- SuperPipe- Metal screws
EXTREME OC SOCKET DESIGNExtreme OC Socket Design makes sure you can fit any cooling solution. Using less components around the socket makes it easier to insulate the motherboard for use with LN2 and improves PCB signal tracing to deliver better efficiency and higher OC results.
OC ENGINEThanks to the OC Engine, MSI motherboards support more flexible BCLK adjustments, from 100 / 125 / 167 MHz straps. Using these straps opens doors to achieve the absolute maximum in overclock. All MSI X99 motherboards come with the next generation Clock Generator offering even lower jitter and power consumption resulting in even higher stability under extreme conditions.
OC EssentialsMeet the overclockers' swiss army knife; OC essentials is a set of tools that are essential to get the best performance out of your motherboard. These features increase stability, assist in trouble shooting, allow you to keep your complete system in check and allow for simple management. This way you can keep your mind on overclocking.
MILITARY CLASS 4 COMPONENTSMilitary Class 4 is the next step in high quality components. The Hi-c CAP, Super Ferrite Choke and Dark CAP will make sure that your PC runs more stable under extreme gaming conditions.
DrMOSDrMOS is the next-gen Mosfet which is used to deliver the power for the CPU. MSI DrMOS does not waste much power, stays cool and is more power efficient than other powersaving solutions. Because DrMOS is a 3-in-1 chip it delivers much more power with less components needed. This solution gives you the power to break world records.
SUPER FERRITE CHOKESuper Ferrite Choke uses a Ferrite core that is Super-Permeable. This allows the Super Ferrite Choke to run at a 35 degree Celsius lower temperature, have a 30% higher current capacity, a 20% improvement in power efficiency and better overclocking power stability.
Optimized for multiple graphics cardsSLI /CrossFire supportThis motherboard supports SLI / CrossFire. Optimal PCI-Express slot placement allows for better fitting and airflow.That way, you can enjoy the best graphics at the highest framerate jumping from your screen when running an NVIDIA® SLI™ or AMD CrossFire™ setup.
CLICK BIOS 4The MSI Click BIOS 4 is the latest UEFI BIOS with optimizations for Windows 8.1 / Windows 10. Not only that it also reacts faster, runs smoother and has better mouse support. And this all comes with many cool features. Click on the button on the right to visit our dedicated BIOS page and learn more.
Atmiņas veids
Atmiņas slotu tips
Atmiņas kanālu atbalsts
Kopnes ātrums
2133,2200,2400,2600,2666,2800,3000,3333 MHz
Maksimālā iekšējā atmiņa
128 GB
Atmiņas sloti
Procesora tips
Savietojami procesori
Core i7
Procesora ligzda
LGA 2011-v3
USB 2.0 savienotāji
CPU ventilatora savienojums
ATX Power savienotājs
Chassis intrusion connector
Priekšējā paneļa audio savienotājs
TPM savienotājs
USB 2.0 pieslēgvietu skaits
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports
PS/2 pieslēgvietu skaits
Komponente paredzēta
Mikroshēmu kopnes saime
Mikroshēmu kopne (chipset)
Intel X99
Mātes plates formas faktors
Paplašināts ATX
Atbalstāmie cietā diska interfeisi
Serial ATA III
Audio izvades kanāls
Audio sistēma
Realtek ALC1150
Ethernet/LAN savienojums
LAN kontrollers
Atheros Killer E2400
Ethernet interfeisa tips
Gigabit Ethernet
Grafiskā adaptera saime
Windows OS atbalsts
Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ult
BIOS tips
Nebuferēta atmiņa
USB 3.0
SATA 3 konektori
Paralēlās apstrādes tehnoloģijas atbalsts
3-Way SLI, 4-Way CrossFireX, 4-Way SLI
SATA savienotāju skaits
S/PDIF out pieslēgvieta
RAID līmeņi
0, 1, 5, 10
305 mm
27,2 cm
Intel Virtualization Technology
Wi-Fi standarti
IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Clear CMOS jumper
Clear CMOS button
Intel HD Audio Technology
Bluetooth versija
Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Intel Matrix Storage Technology
Intel vPro Technology
Intel Trusted Execution Technology
Intel Remote PC Assist Technology (RPAT)
Intel Quiet System Technology (QST)
Intel Smart Response Technology
Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)
Number of M.2 (M) slots
Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)
Number of SATA Express connectors
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity
USB 3.1 (3.1 Gen 2) Type-A ports quantity
USB 3.1 (3.1 Gen 2) Type-C ports quantity
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