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Iesaki MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R)

MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R) MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R) MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R) MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R) MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R) MSI X99A Gaming 7, Intel X99, Socket 2011-V3 (7885-032R)
- Supports New Intel® Core™ i7 processors Extreme Edition in LGA 2011-3 socket;- Supports Quad Channel DDR4-3333(OC) Memory;- USB 3.1: Delivering speeds up to 10Gb/s, USB 3.1 offers performance twice as fast as a regular USB 3.0 connection;- Turbo M.2: delivering next generation M.2 Ge
3 x4 performance with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s;- SATA Express + USB 3.1 + SATA 6Gb/s;- Multi-GPU: Quad NVIDIA SLI & AMD CrossFire Support;- OC Engine: Reach higher overclocking results with more flexible BCLK adjustments at 100/125/167MHz;- Audio Boost 2: Reward Your Ears with True Quality;- Killer Ethernet: Kill Your Lag;- USB Audio Power: Super Stable 5V Power & Better Signal Transmission over USB;- XSplit Gamecaster: Show off you skills to the world with a six month premium license for this popular streaming software;- Guard-Pro: Improved Protection and Power Efficiency;- OC Genie 4: Overclock in 1 Second;- Gaming App: Boost your framerate;- Click BIOS 4: Easily Fine-tune Your System;- Sound Blaster Cinema 2: Benefit from Creative software to get a more realistic surround sound experience;- Gaming Device Port: Optimized with Triple Gold-plating for High Polling Rate Gaming Devices.
Let the games beginMSI® GAMING motherboards are designed to provide gamers with best-in-class features and technology. Backed by the imposing looks of MSI's Dragon, each motherboard is an engineering masterpiece tailored to gaming perfection.
The best gaming weapons at hand
- Amazing sound with Audio Boost 2, powered by Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2;- USB Audio Power;- The highest frag and the lowest lag with Killer™ E2200 Game Networking;- Push your SSD to the limit with Turbo M.2 & SATA-Express;- Show off your gaming skills to the world with XSplit Gamecaster;- SteamOS ready out of the box;- Military Class 4 components;- Super stable with Guard-Pro;- Specialized production lines just for GAMING motherboards;- OC Genie 4;- Gaming Device Port;- Boost your FPS with the MSI GAMING App;- Click BIOS 4 (click here to visit our dedicated BIOS page);- Optimized for multiple graphics cards (SLI & CrossFire certified);- Take control with Command Center & Live Update 6;- OC Essentials.
MSI USB 3.1 2X FASTERUSB 3.1 allows for speeds up to 10 Gbps, doubling the speed compared to USB 3.0 and 20x faster than legacy USB 2.0. USB 3.1 is even faster than SATAIII! Transferring your favorite games, music and movies over USB has never been faster.
Feature- 2x faster than USB 3.0;- 20X faster than USB 2.0;- Up to 10Gbps data transfer bandwidth;- Boost transfer rate between your PC and external storage devices.
Want to show off your skills or just make a fun GAMING video for your friends?
XSplit Gamecaster & Broadcaster V2 lets you easily record your gaming moments and broadcast your live gameplay sessions to Twitch, YouTube, UStream and more.
It's simple, easy to use and ideal for sharing your gameplay with friends, family or the world - Or for capturing those perfect gaming moments, just for the heck of it.
So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and start streaming and recording with XSplit Gamecaster today.
OC EngineRun into unstable situations when pushing your CPU to the limit? This occurs because the internal clocks are linked through the 100 MHz BCLK strap. Thanks to a integrated Clock Generator, MSI motherboards support more flexible BCLK adjustments, from 100 / 125 / 167 MHz straps.
Using these straps prevents system crashing while overclocking on the edge and opens doors to achieve the absolute maximum. The MSI X99 motherboards all come with the next generation Clock Generator offering even lower jitter and power consumption resulting in even higher stability under extreme conditions.
DDR4 more speed, more bandwidth, less powerMSI engineers made sure you can enjoy high speed DDR4 compatibility. DDR4 brings higher memory speeds at even lower power usage as low as 1.2v.
DDR4 offers higher volume sticks, this means larger memory configurations are possible up to 128GB.
Reward your ears with true qualityGet ready for ear-drum shattering sound, with MSI Audio Boost 2! With Audio Boost 2 we're delivering the highest audio quality with the use of Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 so you can enjoy crystal clear sound and music through 8-channel HD Audio.
Isolated Audio PCBWith traditional onboard audio the signal is distorted by electromagnetic signals from the rest of the PCB. Audio Boost 2 acts like a dedicated soundcard by physically isolating the audio circuitry which is separated by a red LED path. Less interference gives you a more clear audio signal.
Direct Audio PowerEnjoy a heavy caliber audio experience with Direct Audio Power. A dedicated power input to Audio Boost 2 allows for a more powerful and stable power delivery, resulting in a more explosive and pure sound experience.
Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2Thanks to Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2, you're getting amazing surround sound with just stereo headphones or speakers.Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 enables you to clearly hear specific sounds in gaming environments. Hear your enemies perfectly, make your ears a decisive tool to finish on top.
EMI ShieldingTo shield the audio core from EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) caused by other add-in cards the audio chip is protected by a high-grade EMI cover with backlight illumination.
Dedicated Headhpone AmplifierPrepare for an eargasm. The built-in dedicated headphone amplifier rewards your high quality headphone with the most amazing studio level sound quality up to 600Ω delivered from your gaming PC.
Tired of having to connect your headset in difficult to reach places? MSI GAMING motherboards are designed to be easy to use, featuring front & rear audio outputs fueled by Audio Boost 2.
High Quality Audio CapacitorsWith the use of professional Nichicon Japanese capacitors, specially designed for audio purposes, MSI GAMING motherboards provide the highest possible audio signal filtering. Delivering high fidelity crystal clear sound with exceptional acoustics and realism.
- Acoustic series;- Lower Tolerance;- Lower Dielectric Absorption;- Lower ESR;- Lower Leakage Current;- Higher Stability.
Golden Audio ConnectorsWith golden audio connectors you get the best possible signal output with less chance of distortion.
- Up to 600Ω crystal clear sound with exceptional acoustics;- Dedicated amplified output (red) optimized for studio-grade headgear;- Superb signal conductivity and will not wear over time.
USB Audio PowerWhen connecting multiple USB devices, most motherboards will be unable to deliver a strong 5V power signal to all USB ports. This is highly noticeable with high-quality external USB DACs where sound quality degrades as the motherboard is unable to deliver a perfect USB signal.
Only MSI USB Audio Power continuously delivers a stable 5V to the USB ports on motherboards, making sure you can continue to enjoy the crystal clear audio standard you expect.
Benefits- Enhances USB Audio Quality;- Stable 5V Power & Better Signal Transmission over USB.
Killer™ E2200 Game NetworkingKill your lag!The Killer™ E2200 Intelligent Networking Platform is built for maximum networking performance for online games and high-quality streaming media. Featuring Advanced Stream Detect™, Killer E2200 automatically detects and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic for smoother, stutter-free in-game performance and the competitive edge. With this exclusive, automatic traffic prioritization, games and real-time chat get priority over low-level system chatter, giving you the lowest latency for game data on the most controllable network hardware available.
Fast storage with SATA ExpressSATA Express introduces a new solution in high speed storage through PCI-Express, providing more bandwidth for the latest generation SSDs up to 10 Gb/s.
Push your SSD even harder with Turbo M.2Delivering speeds up to 32Gb/s using Ge
3 x4, Turbo M.2 is more than 5 times faster than a regular SATA III connection! Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely fast loading of applications and games with MSI motherboards.
Next generation M.2Turbo M.2 is the successor to M.2 10 Gb/s, offering 3 times more performance up to 32 Gb/s using Ge
3 x4. M.2 is packed in a small form factor and is compatible with 3 different sizes to fit most storage solutions. All latest generation Intel® based MSI motherboards feature Turbo M.2 storage.
SteamOS support out of the boxMSI is committed to PC Gaming and that is why MSI GAMING motherboards support SteamOS by default. Because of this, MSI works close with numerous tier #1 system integrators that released their popular SteamBOX PCs.
Military Class 4 componentsMilitary Class 4 is the next step in high quality components. The Hi-c CAP, Super Ferrite Choke and Dark CAP will make sure that your PC runs more stable under extreme gaming conditions.
Hi-c CAPA Hi-c CAP is a very small, but super-efficient capacitor. Besides ensuring enough spacing around a CPU socket to install large coolers, it also allows for 93% energy efficiency. Thanks to Hi-c CAP`s MSI mainboards are the most energy efficient in the market.
Super Ferrite ChokeSuper Ferrite Choke uses a Ferrite core that is Super-Permeable. This allows the Super Ferrite Choke to run at a 35 degree Celsius lower temperature, have a 30% higher current capacity, a 20% improvement in power efficiency and better overclocking power stability.
Dark CAPWith their aluminum core design, Dark CAP`s has been a staple in high-end design mainboard designs and provides lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) as well as its over-10-year lifespan.
Circuit ProtectionCarefully selected materials, multiple PCB layers and shielding result in the best circuit protection for our GAMING motherboards.
ECO PowerWith MSI ECO Center you can physically cut the power to unused chips to save up to 19% power usage.
Humidity Protection10% Reduction in moisture absorption helps prevent "Conductive Anodic Filament". Untreated PCB's can have 10x higher failure rate.
High Temperature ProtectionAll key components used in MSI motherboards have all passed military testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments.
ESD ProtectionEach and every I/O port is protected against the hazards of Electro Static Discharge.
EMI ProtectionAll MSI motherboards comply with stringent American FCC regulations and reduce the impact of Electromagnetic Interference.
Focus on quality
We put extra effort in increasing customer satisfaction. Our RMA rate has drastically decreased in the last few years.To achieve the highest quality the MSI GAMING motherboards are developed by our most senior engineers on the most advanced production lines.
We are continuously improving our customer services, so in case you might run into a problem you can be assured we offer a fast response to your questions and hand you in depth information on the subject.
Gaming Device PortMSI Gaming Device Port is optimized to deliver the best connectivity for high end gaming mice to fully utilize it's speed. This results in a much faster and smoother mouse response in games.
Gaming benefits- More responsive;- Smoother gameplay;- Faster reactions.
Technical benefits- 3x more gold than regular connectors;- 10x longer lifetime when plugging/un-plugging;- Prevents oxidation.
OC Genie 4OC Genie is the world's first built-in hardware overclocking technology on motherboards. With this one-second overclocking option we're giving you even more performance. Just hit the button and your PC gets another adrenalin shot. Delivering up to 20% of free extra performance for the CPU, memory and iGPU.
BOOST YOUR FRAME RATEOutperform your competition with the MSI GAMING APP which allows simultaneous control of both your Motherboard and Graphics Card's overclocking.
Simply select your preferred mode with the click of a button:- Silent;- Gaming;- OC.
This allows you to tune the system to your pleasure without any technical knowledge of overclocking. Scenamax quickly adjusts color temperature and contrast to the viewing scenario.
Click BIOS 4The MSI Click BIOS 4 is the latest UEFI BIOS with optimizations for Windows 8. Not only that it also reacts faster, runs smoother and has better mouse support. And this all comes with many cool features. Click on the button on the right to visit our dedicated BIOS page and learn more.
Optimized for multiple graphics cards
Quad SLI / CrossfireThe X99S GAMING 7 motherboard supports Quad SLI / CrossFire. Optimal PCI-Express slot placement allows for better fitting and airflow.
That way, you can enjoy the best graphics at the highest framerate jumping off from your screen when running a NVIDIA® SLI™ or AMD CrossFire™ setup.
Live Update 6MSI Live Update is renewed! Our popular software automatically downloads and installs the latest drivers, BIOS and software. Rest assured while your system is always configured using the latest software so you get the maximum performance and stability.
Command CenterMSI's Command Center software is a very powerful tool to push your motherboard to the max. With a very intuitive touch ready interface, Command Center allows users to tune settings to increase system stability, maximize overclocking performance and adjust cooling features.
Unlimited RAMDiskMSI Command Center integrates an unlimited RAMdisk. With a RAMdisk you can create a virtual drive from your system memory enabling speeds 20x faster than a modern SSD.
- Speed up system performance;- Load complete game images;- Speed up games, apps and browser.
Super chargerWith MSI Super Charger you can simply deliver more power than regular USB chargers to your smartphone, tablet, USB game controller or portable console.This allows you to quickly charge these devices for use when you're not gaming on your PC, eliminating the need for wall power sockets.
USB RedriversUSB 3.0 signal integrity suffers with longer cable length. The special USB 3.0 Redrivers on GAMING motherboards, connected to the internal USB 3.0 ports, enable you to use longer USB 3.0 cables, especially in larger chassis.
Smart Fan ControlSmart Fan Control gives you complete control of all your fans on the motherboard, convenient for gamers and overclockers;
- Users can real-time monitor the status of the fans;- Set profiles;- Record fan speed, voltage and temperate status into a log file.
Dragon HeatsinkWith an awesome product comes an inspiring heatsink! Styled after the iconic MSI GAMING Dragon. The heatsink is oversized to provide the best thermal transfer and heat dissipation to enable your PC to just game 24 hours per day.
OC EssentialsA small set of tools that are essential to get the best performance out of your motherboard.
- Increase stability;- Assist in trouble shooting;- Allow you to keep your complete system in check;- Allow for simple management.
This way you can keep your mind on gaming and be confident that you have the tools to maximize your performance.
ConnectivityBe sure to take full advantage of all the GAMING weapons by connecting your devices to the optimized ports.
Audio Boost 2- 30µg Gold plated Audio Connectors;- Amplified Audio.
USB Audio Power- Optimized stable 5V USB ports;- Best sound quality for external DACs.
Gaming Device PortOptimized for high-rate gaming keyboards and mice;Triple gold plating for extended lifetime.
Atmiņas veids
Atmiņas slotu tips
Atmiņas kanālu atbalsts
Kopnes ātrums
2133,2200,2400,2600,3000 MHz
Maksimālā iekšējā atmiņa
128 GB
Atmiņas sloti
Procesora tips
Savietojami procesori
Core i7 Extreme Edition
Procesora ligzda
LGA 2011-v3
Intel Core i3/i5/i7 series
i7-xxx Extreme Edition
USB 2.0 savienotāji
CPU ventilatora savienojums
ATX Power savienotājs
Priekšējā paneļa audio savienotājs
TPM savienotājs
USB 2.0 pieslēgvietu skaits
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports
PS/2 pieslēgvietu skaits
Komponente paredzēta
Mikroshēmu kopnes saime
Mikroshēmu kopne (chipset)
Intel X99
Mātes plates formas faktors
Atbalstāmie cietā diska interfeisi
M.2, Serial ATA III
Audio izvades kanāls
Audio sistēma
Realtek ALC1150
PCI Express x1 (Gen 2.x) slots
PCI Express x16 (Gen 3.x) slots
Ethernet/LAN savienojums
LAN kontrollers
Bigfoot Killer E2205
Ethernet interfeisa tips
Diskrēto videokaršu atbalsts
Windows OS atbalsts
Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ult
BIOS tips
Nebuferēta atmiņa
SMO procesoru maksimālais skaits
USB 3.0
Ventilatora savienotājs
SATA 3 konektori
EPS power connector (8-pin)
Paralēlās apstrādes tehnoloģijas atbalsts
3-Way CrossFireX, 3-Way SLI
S/PDIF out pieslēgvieta
RAID līmeņi
0, 1, 5, 10
Peripheral (Molex) power connectors (4-pin)
305 mm
24,4 cm
Digitālā audio optiskā izeja
Clear CMOS jumper
Clear CMOS button
Supported processor sockets
Socket R (LGA 2011-v3)
BIOS switch button
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity
USB 3.1 (3.1 Gen 2) Type-A ports quantity
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