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Iesaki One For All Prime Line 2 2w1 (URC 7721)

One For All Prime Line 2 2w1 (URC 7721) One For All Prime Line 2 2w1 (URC 7721) One For All Prime Line 2 2w1 (URC 7721)
- Operates Television and DVD- Up to 2 devices.- Preprogrammed for easy set-up.- Replaces lost or broken remotes.- Special features: Teletext & Fastext, Colour & Brightness Control.
Technical Specifications
- Functions: channel up/down, volume up/down, power,mute, text, fastext, digits, menu, guide, directional keys,16:9,colour/brightness, transport keys, input selection,DTV switch, menu, colour/brightness.- Batteries: 2 x AA (not included).- Battery life: over 12 months- Number of keys: 37.- IR range: ~15 mtrs.- IR frequency: 0-455khz.
Key Magic
- A special feature, which enables the programming of extra functions on the OFA remote.
Volume lock/unlock
- Allows volume control of one device when in a different mode, definable by user (mainly used for devices that don’t have their own volume)
Device change mode
- Allows the control of a certain device type (e.g. a TV) on another device mode key.
Channel simulation
- Allows zapping channels from 1 to 9 on devices that don’t have a CH+/- function.
One For All
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15 m
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0 - 455kHz
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1 gads(i)
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