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Iesaki One For All Zapper+ URC 6820

One For All Zapper+ URC 6820 One For All Zapper+ URC 6820
Works up to 3 devices (TV, STB and Audio). With digit keys.
The most convenient way to watch TV
The Zapper + remote is the match of simplicity and convenience, featuring all the keys you need for regular TV watching, including Menu, Guide and Digits for direct channel selection.
Ergonomically the universal Zapper + remote is very well designed, it has a comfortable grip and stability on your table. It even comes with an additional wrist strap. This remote works for everyone who wants to simplify control of complex devices.
100% compatible
Guaranteed to work all brands. The Zapper + is able to control just your TV, but it can control your Set Top Box and soundbar too, if needed. Two separate power keys ensure you always know which device you are turning on or off.
30 Seconds To Set Up Your Remote
One For All SimpleSet allows you to set up your devices in just 3 simple steps, in less than 30 seconds. Or use the simple learning feature to learn any function from any device onto the Zapper +.
Large coloured keys
For optimal navigation, the keys are large and coloured to indicate which device is being controlled.
One For All
IR Wireless
Pulti paredzēts lietot ar
Audio, Kabelis, DVD/Blu-ray, DVDR-HDD, DVR, Home cinema system, SAT, Televīzija, TV set-top box, Web TV
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Press buttons
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