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Iesaki Philips SHB7150FB/00

Philips SHB7150FB/00 Philips SHB7150FB/00 Philips SHB7150FB/00 Philips SHB7150FB/00
40mm neodymium drivers for sharp treble and deep bass
Ultra-compact yet incredibly strong, our 40mm neodymium drivers generate an incredibly powerful magnetic field. They offer impressively subtle vocal shadings and rich bass that can add unexpected new dimensions to your favorite songs.n
Over-ear noise isolation cushions keep your music yours
Over-ear cushions fit around the ears and block noise from outside so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted.n
Bluetooth-enabled wireless music & call control
When it comes to endless music listening pleasure and hassle-free switching between music and calls, nothing beats Bluetooth! Enjoy your favorite songs by pairing your Philips headset with your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet. A tap on the earshell's intuitive controls is all that's needed to lower volume or pause a song while you handle incoming and outgoing calls.n
Fully adjustable headband that fits you
The fully adjustable headband can adjust the size of the headphones, so they will always be the right size for you.n
Soft, over-ear leather cushions for long-listening comfort
Your Philips headset comes with soft leather over-ear cushions that hug the contours of your ears. They are so comfortable and secure you'll forget you have them on! Not only are they comfortable, they are an incredibly effective seal, giving you hour after hour of music listening pleasure.n
Wireless or wired - enjoy music any way you like!
Pick up your call and listen to music wirelessly, or connect directly through a 3.5mm jack. These new NFC-enabled headphones really do offer you the best of both worlds! Simply pair them with any NFC-enabled device to enjoy crystal-clear wireless listening pleasure. Or connect using the 3.5mm jack for the same immersive listening experience. The choice is yours!n
Pair with your NFC enabled device with one touch
Pair with any NFC enabled device effortlessly. Gone is complicated wireless headphone pairing. Our new NFC technology is user friendly and easy to use, with one touch pairing for any NFC enabled smart device.
Austiņu veids
Austiņas ar galvas stīpu
Austiņu frekvence
20 - 20000 Hz
Austiņu jutīgums
103 dB
Pilna pretestība
32 Ω
Skaļruņa diametrs
4 cm
Magnēta tips
Savienojuma tehnoloģija
Strāvas vada garums
1.2 m
176 g
Ierīces interfeiss
Bluetooth + 3.5 mm (1/8")
Iepakojuma platums
19,5 cm
Iepakojuma dziļums
8,5 cm
Iepakojuma augstums
21,5 cm
Iepakojuma svars (bruto)
382 g
Pievienoti kabeļi
Audio (3.5mm), USB
16,6 cm
7,7 cm
18,7 cm
Bluetooth profili
Darbības laiks sarunu režīmā
9 h
Nepārtraukts audio atskaņošanas laiks
9 h
Darbības diapazons (bezvadu)
15 m
Darbības laiks gaidīšanas režīmā
200 h
Bruto svars ārējai kastei
1,408 kg
Daudzums, ārējā kaste
3 pcs
Taras svars ārējā kaste
0,727 kg
Neto svars ārējā kaste
0,681 kg
Iepakojuma neto svars
0,227 kg
Iepakojuma taras svars
0,155 kg
Augstums (cm) ārējai kastei
23,5 cm
Garums cm) ārējai kastei
27,3 cm
Platums (cm) ārējā kaste
21,3 cm
7,62 cm (3")
18,8 cm (7.4")
16,5 cm (6.5")
Bruto svars (ārējā kaste)
1,41 kg (3.1 lbs)
Bruto svars
0,382 kg (0.842 lbs)
Svars iekšējā kaste
23,6 cm (9.3")
Garums ārējā kaste
27,2 cm (10.7")
neto svars (ārējā kaste)
0,681 kg (1.5 lbs)
Taras svars (ārējā kaste)
0,727 kg (1.6 lbs)
Taras svars
0,155 kg (0.342 lbs)
Svars ārējā kaste
21,3 cm (8.4")
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