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Iesaki PrimeOn BD-R DL 50 GB 8x, Blu-ray 10 sztuk (2761317)

PrimeOn BD-R DL 50 GB 8x, Blu-ray 10 sztuk (2761317) PrimeOn BD-R DL 50 GB 8x, Blu-ray 10 sztuk (2761317)
Backup even large amounts of data with our premium-grade PRIMEON Blu-ray media – safe, reliable and thanks to 10x ULTRA SPEED super fast. With up to 50GB of storage capacity (using the dual layer Blu-ray disc) there is plenty of space available for high-quality HD movies, precious digital memories and of course file & system backups – also available as re-writable BD-RE. PRIMEON Blu-ray media is the ultimate choice for professional users with high demands on quality who need dependable backups and predictable results. They offer excellent compatibility with players and recorders, making them the perfect disc for everyday use. Good to know: All PRIMEON Blu-ray products are officially licensed by One-Blue!
The unique "ultra-protect-disc" surface coating prevents discs from being damaged by scratches (which eventually will result in data loss) and can be labelled using a water-proof felt tip pen. With its exclusive "photo-on-disc" surface, discs can be printed on using an inkjet printer with disc media support. The superfine and mat premium coating combined with full metallisation provides brilliant and photo-realistic print results without any colour variations – and an ultra fast drying time on top. Finally, the inkjet printable water- and smear-resistant "photo-on-disc ultragloss" surface coating offers brilliant colours (thanks to its glossy coating), fast drying times and a in all respects stunning print result that will stay in mind.
Sākotnējā ietilpība
50 GB
Iepakojuma tips
CD/DVD diski
BD-R rakstīšanas ātrums
Skaits komplektā
10 pcs
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