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Iesaki Revell Airbus A350900 (03989)

Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989) Revell Airbus A350900 (03989)
The A350 XWB is one of the most successful commercial airliner designs in the aviation industry with a wide customer base around the world. With the A350 XWB, Airbus has introduced an entirely new family of wide-body medium capacity airliners. The A350 XWB features the quietest and most comfortable cabins in the Wide-Body category. The A350 XWB brings together the very latest achievements in the fields of aerodynamics and aircraft construction. This produces an optimized fuel efficiency 25% less than the Boeing 777 and a Seat -Mile Cost 25 % lower than those of its competitors. The exceptionally weight-efficient airframe is made from composite materials (53%) combined with titanium and advanced aluminium alloys. Modern Rolls- Royce Trent XWB engines and an aerodynamic design both contribute to a large reduction in atmospheric emissions. The A350 XWB Family comprises three passenger versions (A350-800, -900 und -1000) with 250 to 400 seats and including a long range capability of up to 15,580 km . The A350 -900 offers seating for 314 passengers.
- New Mould- Finely detailed surfaces, recessed panel joints- Cockpit Imitation- Detailed Engines- Rotating Front Fan with individual Blades- Detailed Front Undercarriage- Separate Panels for the Control Surfaces- Detailed Main Undercarriage- Detailed Main Undercarriage Bay- Undercarriage can be mounted Extended or Retracted- Detailed Lower Fuselage Centre Section- Navigation Lights in Clear Plastic- Antennas- Display Stands
Minimālais vecums
10 gadi
Ar zīmējumu
46.4 cm
Number of pieces
120 pcs
Not for children 0-3 years
Construction type
Assembly kit
Fixed-wing aircraft
Passenger aircraft
Oriģinālais modeļa nosaukums
Airbus A350-900
Recommended skill level
Kustīgās daļas
Spārnu vēziens
44,7 cm
Valsts versija
Francija, Vācija, Spānija, Apvienotā Karaliste
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