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Iesaki Revell Star Wars XWing Fighter (06690)

Revell Star Wars XWing Fighter (06690) Revell Star Wars XWing Fighter (06690)
The name X-Wing Fighter is derived from its superimposed double wings that form a lying X in combat configuration in order to increase its area of fire. The wings can be extended during combat or upon entry into a planet's atmosphere. High Energy Laser Cannon can be found on the wing-tips. The X-Wing Fighter soon proved itself to be one of the most effective ships in the Galaxy and quickly became the standard fighter in the Rebel Alliance.
For kids and beginners of scale modeling!
With easykit and MiniKit model building its super easy. All the pieces come fully painted and printed.
The models are ready to assemble. Their snap-fit feature makes assembly simple and fast.
Minimālais vecums
8 gadi
Ar zīmējumu
43,5 cm
Number of pieces
93 pcs
Construction type
Assembly kit
Recommended skill level
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