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Iesaki Revell REVELL Concorde British Airways - 04997

Revell REVELL Concorde British Airways - 04997 Revell REVELL Concorde British Airways - 04997
Described by the press as the Queen of the Skies , the Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft was in regular service from 1976 until 2003. With a top speed of Mach 2.2, Concorde flew faster than all its competitors and reduced the flight time between Europe and the USA by 50%. A total of 18 Concorde's took to the air for almost 30 years in service with British Airways and Air France until they were sent into retirement in mid-2003 for economic reasons. The main reason was the reducing numbers of passengers, high running costs (charter price 30,000 Euro per hour) and high fuel consumption 4 times more than normal jets. The 100 passengers however could enjoy pure luxury and on a clear day had a unique view of the earth's curvature at an altitude of 18 km.
British Airways used Concorde twice daily on the London - New York route, and once a week to Barbados. The last flight took place on 23 November 2003. In addition to its record performance in supersonic flight the advances in aviation technology and the successful joint development and production of Concorde by Aérospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation are also worthy of mention.
- Structured surfaces, recessed panel joints;- Detailed cockpit;- Seats, control column, instrument panel;- Optional use of an active nose lowering mechanism;- Partition walls in the fuselage;- Detailed undercarriage bay;- Detailed tail;- Detailed undercarriage;- Tyres with separate wheel rims;- Detailed engine bays;- Detailed jet exhausts;- Separate ruder and flaps;- Antennae;- Large display stand;- Decals set for the British Airways version with various registrations.
85,9 cm
Number of pieces
162 pcs
Construction type
Assembly kit
Fixed-wing aircraft
Passenger aircraft
Oriģinālais modeļa nosaukums
Concorde British Airways
Recommended skill level
Spārnu vēziens
36,3 cm
Valsts versija
Stickers included
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