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Iesaki Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664

Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664 Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664 Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664 Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664 Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664 Revell Sukhoi T-50 - 04664
In August 2011 at the Russian International Air Show (MAKS), a pure Stealth Fighter-Bomber for the Russian Armed Forces was displayed for the very first time. The T-50, a 5th Generation combat aircraft is equipped with electronically controlled vector nozzles, which guarantee excellent manoeuvrability and outstanding handling characteristics in all speed ranges. The T-50 has achieved up to 85% Stealth success through the use of special nano-technology materials on its outer surfaces. In order to fully utilize its stealth characteristics and small radar signature all of the T-50's weapons are housed in a weapons bay within the fuselage. As well as a top speed of over 2000 km/h (1250 mph) great emphasis was placed on the low speed flight characteristics of the T-50 which was enhanced by the use of electronically controlled leading edge slats. It is envisaged that mass production of between 400 and 450 aircraft for the Russian Air Force will commence in 2016.
- Structured Surfaces with Recessed Panel Joints- Detailed Cockpit- Sitting Pilot Figure- Formed Air Intake Ducts- Detailed Undercarriage- Detailed Thrust Jets- Cockpit in the Open or Closed Position- Crew Ladder- One Standing Pilot Figure
Minimālais vecums
10 gadi
Ar zīmējumu
29,3 cm
Number of pieces
72 pcs
Construction type
Assembly kit
Fixed-wing aircraft
Military aircraft
Recommended skill level
Kustīgās daļas
Spārnu vēziens
29,8 cm
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