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Рекомендовать Samsung Toner inkl. Trommel

Samsung Toner inkl. Trommel
Toner performance is optimised for SAMSUNG printer. Ensures a uniform print quality. Easy to maintain and manage. Monitoring supplies technology notifies customers when toner is low or needs to be replaced.nnoriginal SAMSUNG guarantees page yieldsn- SAMSUNG backs up our claims by testing new laser toner cartridge yields in accordance with the new global ISO/IEC 19752 standard. Although actual yields may vary by printing applications and media, you can be confident you'll get the full page yield of your original SAMSUNG cartridges.nneasy toner cartridge installationn- SAMSUNG printer cartridges are easy to locate inside the printer cabinet, easy to handle and easy to change. Every package contains simple, illustrated instructions.nnsecurity label guarantees original SAMSUNG
All SAMSUNG supplies carry a colour changing security label to prove they are original products.
1. When the label is tilted, the colour changes from clear to cyan.
2. The embossed characters change colour from red to gold to blue when viewed from different angles.
3. You can feel the embossed characters are not smooth.nnautomatic toner monitoring systemn- Automatically alerts when toner is low and it is time to replace the cartridge, so you never run out of toner.
Производительность по страницам
2000 страниц
Технология печати
Совместимые продукты
SCX-4824FN, SCX-4828FN
Цвета печати
Совместимость c брэндом
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