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Iesaki Schleich Dinosaurs Therizinosaurus

Schleich Dinosaurs Therizinosaurus Schleich Dinosaurs Therizinosaurus
The Therizinosaurus had huge forelimb claws, each up to one meter long. Until today, nobody has found out what it needed weapons like these for.
The claws of the Therizinosaurus were half as long as a grown-up man.The most impressive feature of the Therizinosaurus is its striking gigantic claws. Their purpose has not yet been revealed, however it is likely that it used the claws to defend itself. Since only a few skeletal fragments have been found so far, apart from the claws, one can only assume what the dinosaur actually looked like and what its feeding habits were. However, it undoubtedly lived approx. 70 million years ago and must have looked extremely impressive.
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