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Iesaki Schleich Wild Life Papageientaucher

Schleich Wild Life Papageientaucher
Binomial name: Fratercula arcticaConservations status: Least concern [lc]Global Home: Europe, Greenland, North AmericaPrimary Habitat: Coastline, Grassland
Puffins can dive up to 50 meters deep.
Thanks to their black and white feathers, the orange patterned beak and their bright red feet, puffins are beautiful birds. For the most part they live and breed in cold, polar regions. Outside of the breeding season they are out at sea. Their hunting technique is particularly amazing. They dive below the sea's surface, following the fish by paddling with their wings to propel them forwards. In doing so, they can dive over 50 meters deep. However they usually catch the fish in shallower depths.
Melns, Pelēks, Oranžs, Balts
Recommended gender
Any gender
Skaits komplektā
1 gab
75 mm
4,5 cm
3,5 cm
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