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Iesaki Schleich Wild Life Gibbon

Schleich Wild Life Gibbon
Gibbons are apes from the rain forests of South East Asia who live in trees. They swing from branch to branch with their long arms. These primates without tails very rarely venture to the forest floor. Their home is the high tree-tops.
Binomial name:Hylobates lar Conservations status:Endangered [en] Global Home:Asia Primary Habitat:Forest
Several species of gibbon have a throat pourch with which they can roar unbelievably loudly. Louder than loud!Gibbons are apes from the South East Asian jungle that live in trees. They have conspicuously long arms and a thumb which is very close to the wrist with which they have perfected the art of swinging from tree to tree. Thanks to this mode of movement, unique to the animal world, these tailless primates can swing from branch to branch unbelievably fast and skillfully. They cover enormous distances in this way. Once gibbons have found a mate they stay together all their lives, remain in their family groups and territory and defend it against intruders. In the main gibbons feed on plants and only rarely complement their menu with small animals.
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