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Iesaki Schleich Elf Nayra (70479)

Schleich Elf Nayra (70479) Schleich Elf Nayra (70479)
Nayara is the mysterious enchantress in the kingdom of the Rainbow Elves. She gladly lends a hand to any elf in need of her help. Be it with good advice or a healing spell.
Within the core of Nayara’s wand there is a magic stone from a star.Everybody who encounters Nayara immediately feels her mysterious charisma, as she is the enchantress in the world of the Rainbow Elves. She oftentimes perches on a sleek stone near the great waterfall and beholds the river passing by or the stars at night. Many elves ask her for advice and help. Most of the time, she is able to help, sometimes with her wisdom, sometimes with a spell.
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