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Iesaki Schleich Gniazdo strusia (SLH-42247)

Schleich Gniazdo strusia (SLH-42247) Schleich Gniazdo strusia (SLH-42247)
Ostrich nests hold up to 20 eggs.
A young ostrich has just hatched after six weeks of hatching time. The baby giant bird does not have much time to get used to living in the savannah. After just a few days the young ostrich follows its parents everywhere. It is best protected against predators close to its father and mother. Once they are big, they are fast enough and can defend themselves well enough not to have to fear any enemies. Here in the nest the little ostrich is well camouflaged and its parents will definitely not leave on its own for long.
Brūns, Zaļš, Balts
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Any gender
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