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Iesaki Schleich Sajchania, mini (14536)

Schleich Sajchania, mini (14536) Schleich Sajchania, mini (14536)
The Saichania was up to seven metres long and an herbivore. Its body was completely armoured. All over the body and skull it had thorn-like excrescences and the end of the tail, with which it probably defended itself against attacks, was rather knobby.
Saichania roughly translates as “beauty”. The woman who discovered it gave it this name because of its well-preserved skeleton.A Saichania was about seven metres long and covered with spiny armour. With its club-like tail he could defend himself against attackers. Due to its complex airways and an unusually hard palate, this dinosaur was adapted to live in the desert, where he ate sclerophyllous plants.
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