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Iesaki Schleich Tyrannosaurus rex, mini (14532)

Schleich Tyrannosaurus rex, mini (14532) Schleich Tyrannosaurus rex, mini (14532)
The thirteen metres long Tyrannosaurus Rex was a two-legged carnivorous dinosaur that was an extremely impressive contemporary with his powerful skull and teeth that were nearly 20 centimetres long.
If this powerful carnivorous dinosaur lost one of its knife-like teeth, a new one would grow back in the space of just a few weeks.The Tyrannosaurus Rex looked very threatening, but could not take advantage of its front legs, which only had two claws, as they did not even reach up to his mouth. With a height of almost seven metres and a length of nearly thirteen metres, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was probably not a very good hunter, but a scavenger that fed on what other animals left. He had over fifty teeth with a length of more than 15 centimetres that he did not use to chew but to tear, because he swallowed his food in large pieces. To improve depth perception in the foraging, the eyes of the Tyrannosaurus Rex were facing forward, so that the sight of both eyes overlapped.
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