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Iesaki Schleich Sera stojąca (70477)

Schleich Sera stojąca (70477) Schleich Sera stojąca (70477)
Sera loves nature; she collects flowers and herbs and often watches the animals of her home for hours - all of whom are happy to let her stroke them.
Sera is one of the few elves to whom a magic ball reveals its secrets.Early in the morning, as soon as the dew in the meadows of bayala begins to glint in the first rays of the sun, Sera can be seen, lost in thought, wandering through nature. When she stoops to pick a rare flower or pluck a few precious leaves from a medicinal plant, a smile caresses her face, illuminating it as only that of a king's daughter could. Thanks to her knowledge of the healing power of plants she has often been able to magically help other elves. Nature, animals and plants are her love. However, Sera's sheltered life is soon to change and the gentle daughter of the king will become a great adventurer.
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