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Iesaki Stabilo Cienkopis POINT 0.4mm róż (SH1009)

Stabilo Cienkopis POINT 0.4mm róż (SH1009) Stabilo Cienkopis POINT 0.4mm róż (SH1009)
- The universal fineliner for school children, studentsand professionals.
- Europe’s number one fineliner.- Available in 30 brilliant colors including 5neon colors.- Hexagonal striped design known all over the world.- Metal-enclosed tip for a long lifespan.- Line width 0.4 mm.- Suitable for use with rulers and stencils.- Long cap-off time.- Ventilated cap.
- Creative packagings encourage spontaneousdemand.- Customers trust the quality and love the look.- STABILO point 88 Rollersets BE WILD! – the packscontaining 25 colors for on the go. Perfect as animpulse purchase for going back to school – seeSTABILO BE WILD! Collection.
Stripe up your life.This year the STABILO orange and white striped penhas played the most significant role in putting STABILOin the black. Wherever your customers see thesecharacteristic stripes, they get stripe-fever and reachfor products from the point-family. Order now – andbenefit from our trend campaign straight away!
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