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Iesaki StarTech microUSB na miniUSB (UUSBMUSBMF6)

StarTech microUSB na miniUSB (UUSBMUSBMF6) StarTech microUSB na miniUSB (UUSBMUSBMF6) StarTech microUSB na miniUSB (UUSBMUSBMF6) StarTech microUSB na miniUSB (UUSBMUSBMF6)
Connect Micro USB devices using a Mini USB Cable

The UUSBMUSBMF6 Micro USB to Mini USB 2.0 Adapter Cable features a Micro USB male (B-type) connector and a Mini USB female connector, providing a cost-effective and convenient solution that lets you use a Mini USB cable to sync and charge Micro USB devices such as BlackBerry or Android-based cell phones.

The cable offers a convenient alternative to non-cable style adapters, by providing a more flexible junction which relieves some of the stress at the Micro/Mini USB connection point and extends the connection away from the Micro USB device, preventing blockage near the device's Micro USB port.

The UUSBMUSBMF6 Micro/Mini USB Adapter Cable is designed and constructed for maximum durability, and backed by StarTech.com's Lifetime Warranty.

The StarTech.com Advantage

- Enables the use of a mini USB cable with micro USB devices, providing a cost-effective solution for overcoming compatibility issues
- Short cable length provides maximum portability, making this an easy solution to store in a laptop bag or carrying case
- Backed by StarTech.com lifetime warranty
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Mini-USB B
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Micro-USB A
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0.15 m
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8 g
Iepakojuma platums
12,5 cm
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22,5 cm
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1 cm
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23,3 cm
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